Wednesday, May 18

The court believes that the chief infection control officer should have been heard: – Crushing, says law professor about festbot verdict

– That the municipality did not take the time to assess the input, says something about the management culture, says former infection control chief Karina Koller Løland to BT today.

Former chief infection control doctor Karina Koller Løland testified in court.

(Bergens Tidende): On Tuesday, two women received the decision they have fought for. They do not have to pay the fines they received when they were too many at a party in Sandviken in November 2020, writes BT. At that time, it was not allowed in Bergen to gather more than five people.

The reason they do not have to pay is that the Gulating Court of Appeal believes that parts of the City Council’s regulations were invalid. The court points out that the decision was not based on a sufficiently clear medical professional justification, as required by the Communicable Diseases Act.

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