Tuesday, May 24

Promised full review of the Railway Reform. Nothing happened.

They said they wanted 1 and not 20 companies that control Norwegian railways. Now they are in government. And has begun to defend the split.

Flytoget. Vy. SJ. Go-Ahead. Today they all run trains from Oslo S. But what about the future? The governing parties promised to reverse the major railway reform if they gained power. Now they are in power.

Since before the Railway Reform became a reality, the parties now in government have hammered it out. That is, the reform where NSB and Jernbaneverket got new names, and where eventually over 20 companies and agencies were established to handle tasks and competition within Norwegian railways.

The railway madness must be stopped, Aps Sverre Myrli has stated along the way. SV has also slaughtered the reform. Now they are the government’s closest party in the Storting.

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