Wednesday, May 18

Mehl unleashes the court reversal

– We propose to take back the 60 independent courts we had before the previous government centralized the court structure, says Minister of Justice Emilie Enger Mehl (Sp) to NRK.

The court reversal is something the governing parties went to the polls for. Now it’s set in motion. Mehl has put the proposal for a new reform out for consultation. It will reverse the previous government’s judicial reform, which reduced the number of district courts from 60 to 23.

The consultation deadline is three months. Initially, the government proposes full reversal, but it is planned that the municipalities themselves will be able to decide.

Several, especially in the courts and the legal community, have been critical of a reversal. Mehl says that the municipalities should be able to choose whether they want their court back, but that it must be seen in its entirety.

Party colleague Marit Arnstad says Adresseavisen that the municipalities must be allowed to decide.

– Now it is important for the municipalities to know their visiting hours. They are the ones who know best how the courts work in the local communities, says Arnstad.

Conservative Ingunn Foss, who sits on the justice committee in the Storting, calls it a reversal mania. She believes the reversal will weaken legal certainty.

– In this case, the government is resistant to the facts. They blindly overlook the fact that the Supreme Court, the Norwegian Bar Association, the judges’ association, the court administration and all the country’s first courts and magistrates are in favor of the current organization of the district courts, says Foss.


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