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Here, Bane Nor will build new train tracks. Now they can get a tear ban.

A majority in the city council will prevent Bane Nor from temporarily demolishing the houses at Brynsbakken. The Conservatives want a rematch on the entire plan to build train tracks through the area.

According to the plan, these houses on “Hylla” will be demolished to make room for new train tracks. Now a majority in the city council will look at the matter again – and prevent Bane Nor from tearing up in the meantime.

It is Rødt, Venstre and the city council parties Ap, SV and MDG who agree on the proposal. It will be presented during Wednesday’s city council meeting.

The case was first mentioned by Dagsavisen.

The leader of Oslo Rødt, Siavash Mobasheri, tells Aftenposten that they want to ensure that Bane Nor does not start the demolition and construction work in the near future.

“This way we can be sure that the city council has time to find out what can be done to get a better plan. This allows us to now have the thorough, democratic process that we did not get last year. It deserves both the railway and the inhabitants of Old Oslo »writes Mobasheri in an e-mail.

Leader of Oslo Red Siavash Mobasheri. Rødt joins forces with the Liberal Party and the city council parties to temporarily prevent demolition on Hylla.

– The conditions have changed

The small residential area “Hylla”, with wooden houses from the 1850s, is planned to be demolished to lay two new railway tracks through the area.

A narrow city council majority voted in favor of the plans in March last year. The City Council describes that they were put under strong time pressure for Bane Nor to start the project in 2022.

The city council was therefore very upset when Bane Nor announced in November that the development would be postponed by five years.

The five parties believe that the city council must now look at the matter again and clarify how they want to process the zoning plan as a result of the postponement.

“Once the premise has changed, it is also time to make this process thorough. The city council can not have a new round of emergency treatment, with no or poor reports “, writes Mobasheri.

During today’s city council meeting, Conservative James Stove Lorentzen will also ask for a new treatment of the Brynsbakken project, writes Avisa Oslo.

In the proposal, he asks the city council to present a case that provides the basis for the city council to revoke the decision from March. He asks for further studies of lid solutions in Brynsbakken and mitigating measures against noise.

Will buy out the homeowners

At the same time, the parties are worried that Bane Nor will start tearing down Hylla already this year, even though it will now be five years before they will start in full.

The state administrator is currently processing a number of complaints about the plan. If the complaints are rejected, the plans will be valid, and Bane Nor has the right to start work if they wish.

The state administrator is expected to come to his conclusion at the end of January.

“We have no plans to demolish any of the buildings in the area, or start construction work this year. Among other things, we must have an approved zoning plan and investment decision before we can start with this “, writes project director Bettina Sandvin in Bane Nor in a comment on an e-mail to Aftenposten.

She writes that Bane Nor has nevertheless offered the homeowners on Hylla to buy them out. “It is a voluntary offer, so that those who want it can buy a home elsewhere. Thus, they do not have to wait for clarification about when construction will take place in the area.

Bane Nor: – Bottleneck

Sandvin points out that the work on the zoning plan has been going on for many years, and writes that it has taken place in close collaboration with Oslo Municipality.

“We have had several meetings with the city council’s politicians, and have given them ongoing information about the case. Oslo Municipality was also informed about the deadlines for processing the zoning plan, and that we had to postpone the construction project in Brynsbakken, if we did not receive an approved zoning plan by Easter 2021. (…). Now we are in 2022 and still do not have a confirmed plan. Thus, we do not have time to expand the track area in Brynsbakken before we have to build the new, long-planned signal system ERTMS “, she writes.

“It is also important to remember what this development is about. Today, Brynsbakken is a bottleneck that restricts train traffic through Oslo “, writes Sandvin.

Not sure how long it will last

Abdullah Alsabeehg (Labor Party), deputy mayor of Oslo, says it is not time for the city council parties how long the temporary ban will last.

– We have asked the municipal attorney what the consequences of revoking the decision from last year will be. There we got an answer yesterday that we have to spend time studying. It is a regional issue, but there are major national interests at stake, and we take it seriously. We will use this time to see what opportunities we have, he says.

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