Saturday, May 21

Denmark says goodbye to coronary restrictions

On Wednesday, Denmark’s Minister of Health Magnus Heunicke confirmed to the Folketing that covid-19 will no longer be categorized as a socially critical disease after 5 February, writes Danish TV2.

Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen has convened a press conference on Wednesday at 6.30 pm. Follow it directly to the top of the case.

Saying goodbye to restrictions

It is expected that the Danes will thus open up for normal bar rules, opening hours, open playgrounds, water parks, assembly halls and function rooms. There will also be no requirement for a face mask.

Travel restrictions and requirements for tests and entry quarantines must in turn be maintained for at least another four weeks.

The corona passport that the Danes have had to deal with in recent weeks is expected to play a very small role in the future.

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The so-called Epidemic Commission, which consists of the heads of the Danish health authorities, has justified this on the grounds that the very high omicron infection does not appear in hospital admissions figures.

On Wednesday, 46,747 new cases of infection were registered in Denmark, but the number of hospitalized in intensive care units fell by four. In other words, people do not become seriously ill to such an extent that they can justify societal austerity.

Do not believe in more dangerous variant

Director of the Statens Serum Institutt, Tyra Grove Krause, says in a large interview in that she has a hard time imagining that we will get a new more serious variant of the coronavirus.

– One should never say anything with certainty, but I have a hard time seeing that we get a new virus variant that is more serious than those we have seen so far when we have underlying immunity on the basis of vaccines and previous infections, she says.

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