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Cyberattack on Nobel Prize website – News (Echo)

Listen: Cyberattack Nobel APP/WEBB ME

  • The Nobel Prize websites in Sweden and Norway were exposed to a cyber attack on Nobel Day, December 10, 2021, which could be averted.

  • It was a strain attack during the award ceremonies. Police reports have now been made in both countries. The Nobel Foundation takes the event seriously.

  • “It is important to react to threats to freedom of expression,” Vidar Helgesen, CEO of the Nobel Foundation, told Ekot.

It was a so-called distributed load attack on the websites during Nobel Day when the award ceremonies were streamed from Oslo and Stockholm, according to the Nobel Foundation. Police reports have been made in both countries.

“We take this cyberattack seriously and have therefore reported it to the police, even though we do not think we will find out who is behind it. But it is important to act against what is a threat to freedom of expression “, says Vidar Helgesen, CEO of the Nobel Foundation, to Ekot.

They discovered an extremely high load in an attempt to prevent the possibility of updating new information about the Nobel Prize and the Nobel Laureates’ work. But the attack could be averted and did not affect users and content, according to the Nobel Foundation.

Earlier last year, a major digital conference hosted by the Nobel Foundation in conjunction with the US National Academy of Sciences was also attacked.

“We had a big global conference digitally and at the opening the screen went black, but we have not managed to identify who was behind it either,” says the Nobel Foundation’s CEO Vidar Helgesen to Ekot.

There had been pressure from China before not to let the Nobel laureate Dalai Lama and another Nobel laureate participate. Hundreds of Nobel laureates protested against the action.

“Before that conference, the Chinese authorities tried to influence and pressure us to remove two participants from the program. It was obviously both unacceptable and unsuccessful “, says Vidar Helgesen.

The Chinese embassy in Washington did not want to comment on the incident afterwards, according to American NBC, which reported on it.

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