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Cross-country skiing: Here are the ski stars at a new hotel

SEISER ALM (VG) On Wednesday, most of the cross-country skiers in the Olympic squad were moved from the Steger-Dellai hotel in Seiser Alm in Italy. They are now about ten minutes away.

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Hotel Gstatsch is a three-star hotel located in the middle of the steep, winding road from the small village of Seis and up to the four-star hotel Steger-Dellai.

Up there still live four Norwegian athletes: The two corona-infected, Heidi Weng and Anne Kjersti Kalvå, as well as the two biggest stars, Therese Johaug and Johannes Høsflot Klæbo. As far as VG understands, it was Johaug and Klæbo themselves who chose to stay.

From Hotel Steger-Dellai you can slide straight into the idyllic cross-country trails, while you have to be transported a short distance from Hotel Gstatsch.

From Hotel Gstatsch, which is located at 1453 meters above sea level, you have to climb several meters. Hotel Steger-Dellai, as well as the ski stadium in Seiser Alm, is located at about 1900 meters above sea level.

Pictures from the news agency AP show that Harald Østberg Amundsen, Sjur Røthe, and the twins Tiril and Lotta Udnes Weng seem to have found themselves at ease at the new residence.

– Now we have moved to a new hotel. There have been some changes in the plans, but we are not complaining. We have got a pretty nice hotel, with a nice view, says Tiril Udnes Weng in a video on the cross-country national team Instagram account.

– Relocation went very well. It is enormously impressive to cough up a hotel in that way, national team coach Eirik Myhr Nossum writes in an SMS to VG, and adds that the gang keeps their spirits up in a challenging time with good gallows humor.

For a number of years, Norwegian cross-country skiers have been successful in recharging for championships at height in Seiser Alm.

HOTEL STEGER-DELLAI: The entire cross-country national team lived here until Wednesday. Now there are only four practitioners left: Two corona infected – plus Klæbo and Johaug.

Early Wednesday, it became known that the Olympics Heidi Weng and Anne Kjersti Kalvå have tested positive on the coronavirus. The two are left in isolation at the hotel Steger-Dellai.

The rest of the national team – except for Klæbo and Johaug – had to move because only rooms had been booked until Wednesday in the original plan.

Before the corona infection appeared in the squad, the plan was for them to go to Oslo on Wednesday and on to China on Thursday.

Now it is uncertain when Norway’s Olympic hopes can travel to China. So far, it is a question of 31 January, but it has not been clarified. The first Olympic exercise (joint start with ski change) is 5 February for the women and 6 February for the men.

Norway’s Olympic-selected runners have been at a height gathering in Italy for just over a couple of weeks. The squad is now considered close contacts and in quarantine. The time for this is for five days in Italy.

In future, they will be tested for the coronavirus daily. The runners and the management have been open about the fact that it is not possible to breathe a sigh of relief considering whether the infection has spread to more people so far, because the incubation time for the virus varies.

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