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Zuccarello broke the record for a major victory

(Minnesota Wild – Montreal Canadiens 8-2) Mats Zuccarello (34) is in the shape of his life and scored two new goals at home against the Montreal Canadiens.

SCORING: Mats Zuccarello (center) scored his 12th goal of the season.

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At the very end of the second period, Mats Zuccarello scored his 12th goal of the season. The Norwegian did not get the best pass from teammate Kirill Kaprizov, but got the puck in place with his foot. From an almost dead angle, he cleverly shot up into the shoulder of goalkeeper Cayden Primeau and into goal. Wilds went into the locker room with a 5-1 lead, and the home team’s big game continued in the final period.

There, Zuccarello and the same Kaprizov scored for a goal-scoring pass when Matt Boldy made it 6-2, and the match ended with a convincing 8-2 victory for Wilds, who have now won six of the last seven matches they have played. .

And much of the credit should go to Zuccarello for that – because the Norwegian has never picked up more points than now. With the two points in Tuesday’s match, he now stands with points in nine games in a row. In total, there have been a total of 16 goal points in the nine matches, of which 11 of them have come in the last five matches.

The series of nine games in a row with goal points is a touch of Zuccarello’s personal record in the NHL.

The previous record series was in 2019, when he started the year absolutely terrific for the New York Rangers with nine games in a row with points from January 12 to February 6. At the time, he had 15 points in the nine games, and had a pointless game against the Calgary Flames, before he had another seven points in the next four games.

In addition to breaking the record for the number of games in a row by points, Zuccarello extended his own record for most games in a row by two or more points. The Norwegian now has five games in a row with at least two goal points.

In total, Zuccarello stands with 38 goals (12 goals and 26 assists) in 32 games, an average of 1.19 points per game.

The 34-year-old has never before finished a season with an average of over one point per game, and has already after 32 games passed the two previous seasons he had in Wild (37 points in 65 games in 2019/20 and 35 points in 42 games and 2020/21). Zuccarello’s points record in a base game season is from 2015/16, when he finished with 61 goals for the New York Rangers.

Only Kaprizov (17 goals and 30 assists) has more goals than Zuccarello for the Minnesota team this season. Kaprizov had two assists in tonight’s game, reaching 100 goals in the NHL in his career. He has managed that in only 92 games. Like Zuccarello, Kaprizov has nine goals in a row. The Russian has 17 goal points in the last nine games.

The next match for Zuccarello and Wild is away against the old club New York Rangers on January 28. Wild is now in fourth place in the Western Conference, but can win second place behind the Colorado Avalanche if he wins the team’s hanging matches.

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