Wednesday, May 18

The health trusts suspend two temporary employment agencies after breach of contract

Helse Vest reports that two temp agencies are suspended as a result of non-payment of overtime to temps rented out to Norwegian hospitals.

– It is a clear breach of contract, and a breach of the Working Environment Act, especially the principle of equal treatment, says Hilde Brit Christiansen, head of the national steering group for temporary staffing, and director of staff, organization and technology at Helse Vest RHF.

The breaches were uncovered through the health trusts’ own routines, which aim to ensure equal working conditions for all employees.

The nurses’ working conditions, pay conditions and working hours were examined at six temporary employment agencies. Two agencies were arrested for breach of contract.

The suppliers Powecare A / S and Läkarleasing Sverige AB have been deprived of the contract. Helse-Vest describes the breaches of contract as serious:

– We now demand that they pay back what the substitutes have been entitled to, and that they improve their routines to prevent similar breaches of agreement in the future, Christiansen says.

The temp agencies are given one month to rectify the deficiencies.

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