Thursday, May 26

The arguments for using corona passports have become weaker

The audience sitting at a long table with a meter distance is at a concert with Jaga Jazzist at Rockefeller in Oslo in the autumn of 2020.

Cultural life would have benefited from the passport. But discrimination is more unreasonable now than last year.

In April last year, I did not find it difficult to say yes to corona passports. The pandemic appeared more dangerous than now. Vaccination was slow. Cultural life was abandoned. The national economy is listening. At the same time, it was important to prevent infection.

For me, it was common to give the elderly, the sick, health workers and others who were on safe ground, a little more freedom. Why should not my parents be able to go to a concert? It did not bother me then. In this way, they would also help to keep people in work. And that there would still be offers when I had received the vaccine.

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