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Seres was to come to Norway in 2020 – then it became quiet

In the last three or four years, there have been major changes in the Norwegian car market than in the previous 50 years. Several new car brands have established themselves and are underway – and even more are just around the corner. It is primarily about Chinese car brands, such as BYD, Maxus, Nio, MG, Hongqi, Polestar and Xpeng.

But then there are also some where it has not quite gone according to plan. Already in October 2019, we in Broom could tell about the importer Gill Gruppen’s two upcoming Chinese car brands DFSK and Seres, from the well-established car manufacturer DongFeng.

The then general manager Jan Kåre Holmedal, had then informed the industry website that until 2025 there would be “no less than 20 different models for the Norwegian market,” and that the first cars were expected to arrive in Norway during the late summer of 2020.

It did not happen – and since then it has been quiet.

Exactly official: Two new electric car brands are coming to Norway

Seen first

– What is the status of DFSK and Seres today?

We ask the question to Christian Stenbo, newly appointed general manager of Autoindustri, which is part of the Gill Group.

– It is true that the first cars according to the plan should have been here already in 2020. Unfortunately, these car brands have also been affected by declining access to raw materials and parts such as microchips. This has led to the factory’s export plans being postponed, which then also affects the first model we plan to adopt, Seres 5, says Stenbo to Broom.

Huawei Seres AITO M 5 will be a spacious SUV in the upper middle class. Photo: Huawei Seres AITO

The end of 2022

– What progress plan do you have now?

– Exports have not yet started for the factory. The expected new start of production for the cars is probably during the first half of the year. Then the plan is to open it for export.

– When can we expect cars to Norway?

– We hope that the first cars are here during the year, but I must emphasize that nothing here is carved in stone. In any case, it will not be until the end of 2022 at the earliest, and then it will also be a car that will be updated in relation to the one that was originally planned. For now, we will wait a bit with DFSK, which does not yet have any models that are relevant for Norway. Our focus area is therefore now first and foremost Seres, he continues.

The first impression of the driver's seat is promising.  Photo: Huawei Seres AITO

The first impression of the driver’s seat is promising. Photo: Huawei Seres AITO

Premium impression

Stenbo currently has no technical data to contribute about the upcoming model, other than to say that the manufacturer shortly before Christmas 2021 announced a new collaboration with the technology supplier Huawei. This collaboration will probably also be the final basis for the upcoming car model Seres M 5.

The car that is expected to arrive in Norway will probably be quite similar to the model that Seres presented on Christmas Eve as the Huawei Seres M 5. This is an SUV in the upper middle class, and like several other Chinese models in this class, this one also gives a clear premium impression. the interior, with a high level of equipment and a finish that looks very accomplished.

This could mean the end of more car brands in Norway

Pure electric car

According to CarNewsChina, it was Seres who in early December launched the new car brand AITO for the Chinese market in collaboration with Huawei (the name is an abbreviation of Adding Intelligence To Auto).

Seres AITO M5 is 4.77 m long and 1.93 m wide, and has a wheelbase of 2.88 m. Wheel dimensions are 19 or 20 inches. The advertised model is not a pure electric car, but a PHEV with a range extender – ie a driveline with an electric motor that is powered by a battery that is charged by a smaller petrol engine.

The car that eventually comes to Norway will be a pure electric car.

The picture suggests that the car gets a useful frunk as well.  Photo: Huawei Seres AITO

The picture suggests that the car gets a useful frunk as well. Photo: Huawei Seres AITO

4 million cars annually

Dongfeng Motor Corporation, which owns the car brands DFSK and Seres, was established as early as 1969, and no one was behind it: the founder was Mao Zedong himself. It is as truck manufacturer Dongfeng is best known, and the group is among the world’s largest in just trucks.

The name means east wind, inspired by the national anthem The East is Red. Dongfeng is state-owned, and is one of the four major Chinese car manufacturers along with Changan Automobile, FAW Group and SAIC Motor. Including all vehicle groups and license production, Dongfeng has an annual production of vehicles of around four million units.

Now they stop importing new cars to Norway

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