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Oslo School Board asks the government to cancel the exam for high school. and 10th grade

School councilor Sunniva Holmås Eidsvoll (SV) believes it will be skewed if Oslo’s students have to take exams in the spring.

School councilor Sunniva Holmås Eidsvoll asks the government to drop exams for the third year on council.

Both in 2020 and in 2021, all written and oral exams in high school and for the 10th graders were canceled due to the corona pandemic.

It should happen again this year, recommends school councilor Sunniva Holmås Eidsvoll (SV).

– We recommend this because the written exams are central, and there are big differences in how everyday school life has been for students around the country, Eidsvoll says to Aftenposten.

She points out that the students in Oslo have been particularly hard hit with long periods of digital teaching or school at the red level.

– This means that such a centralized exam could be very wrong, says Eidsvoll.

The school board currently has no recommendation related to oral exams, and points out that they are given locally and thus can be better adapted.

– There are good arguments both for and against the oral exam now, but the most important thing is that it becomes predictable for the students, says Eidsvoll.

She points out that the cancellation of the oral exam last year was first clarified very close to the exam dates.

– If you want to cancel orally, you have to do it early, she says.

Oslo students hit hard

The student organization also requires that the exams be canceled. A call for cancellation for this year’s third graders in high school, has so far received close to 40,000 signatures. The case was first mentioned by VG.

The Oslo School Board believes that the exams should be canceled for all three stages of upper secondary school and for the 10th grades.

– The pandemic has now been going on and stretched over all the school years for these steps. All students who can expect written, centrally given exams in the spring have had very special school years behind them, says Eidsvoll.

She says this especially applies to students in the capital where many students have missed a lot of teaching after repeated quarantines.

– Red level and closed schools have also meant that there have been big differences in the students’ work situation, because it is so different how the students feel at home. We also know that the corona pandemic has hit particularly hard in the areas of the city that have the greatest living conditions problems before, says Eidsvoll.

Minister of Education Tonje Brenna (Labor Party) has not yet decided whether there will be an exam in the spring or not.

Waiting for risk analysis

Eidsvoll says that by canceling the written exam now, the schools will be able to free up time at the end of the school year for more teaching. They will also have more time to make a good assessment of the students’ point of view grades.

– To use the last time of the school year now to practice on centrally given written exams, which will have a skewed effect both across the country and across the city, it will be the wrong priority. The Minister of Education and Research should rather ensure that students can use the end of the school year to make up for lost learning, says Eidsvoll.

Minister of Education Tonje Brenna (Labor Party) says the ministry is waiting for a risk analysis from the Directorate of Education on the matter.

It should be ready by 31 January.

“We will return to the issue after that,” Brenna writes in an e-mail to Aftenposten.

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