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One should not negotiate with terrorists. This is simply embarrassing.

  • Sondre Grødal (20)

For three days, the Taliban delegation will hold talks with Afghan and Western representatives at the Soria Moria hotel in Oslo.

This is simply embarrassing.

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Just over 100 days of a new government have passed, and a terrorist organization is visiting. Yes, unfortunately you read that right. And it is incomprehensible.

The extremist Islamists who invaded Afghanistan last year have been invited to Norway to negotiate. But what are they really going to negotiate about? Why does Norway take such a meeting on its mantle?

Ministry of Foreign Affairs wrote the following to VG on 21 January“Norway has invited representatives of the Taliban to Oslo from 23 to 25 January 2022 for meetings with the Norwegian authorities, representatives of the international community and other Afghans with a background in civil society.”

In other words, the government wants closer relations with the terrorists in order to counter terrorist activities and put human rights on the agenda. Do the authorities really think that they have the power to change the attitudes and behavior of the visitors in three working days?

Unnecessary initiative

The news headlines were simply a slap in the face. I could not believe what I read.

Then it is no wonder that Manzor Ahsaani (27), who fled Afghanistan as a 15-year-old, reacts strongly to the fact that the Taliban are now on Norwegian soil.

I Hamar Arbeiderblad Ahsaani describes the visit as sprinkling salt in a deep wound. Will it then be right for the Norwegian authorities to impose such a meeting on those affected who fled from the tyranny of the terrorist group, only to exchange superfluous words? Or maybe Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre (Labor Party) and the government could have spared themselves this?

Lobbying with the Taliban is unlikely to lead to anything good, thinks Sondre Grødal (20).

The visit also does not seem very well thought out. For not even the Prime Minister knew who was visiting. Big said to Dagbladet that he did not know that one of the many in the delegation who was flown to Norway by private plane was Anas Haqqani.

Who is Haqqani? It is the brother of Sirajuddin Haqqani – who has since been wanted by US authorities after the terrorist attack on the Serena Hotel. A terrorist attack by Støre himself experienced up close.

Norway is not the right man for the job

From my point of view, this looks like a distasteful attempt on the part of the government to rise internationally. Norway really did not need to take on the responsibility as host country for the West in the face of the terrorist organization. That is what we have the UN for.

I do not think that lobbying with the visitors will lead to anything. On the contrary, I think this can help make matters worse for the bereaved and those imprisoned after the Afghanistan retreat.

It is naive to believe that the radical regime wants Western influence and interference. Therefore, I consider this a reprehensible and wasted time. The state negotiates with terrorists. One should not negotiate with terrorists. This is simply embarrassing.

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