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Lost their appetite when they saw this: – Disgusting

“We use the farmer’s vegetables in all sizes and shapes, and only natural ingredients,” it says on the package for BAMA’s ready-made turnip puree.

In the package that Morten Andreassen bought at home in Flesberg outside Kongsberg, a more unusual ingredient had also crept in.

After he had already taken a few pieces of the food, Andreassen found a snuff in the turnip puree.

Thought the cohabitant was kidding

– At first glance, I thought it was my roommate who had joked, but he does not sniff, Andreassen says to TV 2.

When they realized what it was, they lost their appetite.

NEVER AGAIN: Morten Andreassen says that it will be home-made turnip puree from now on. Photo: Private

– We were both very shocked, and very nauseous.

Andreassen is a trained chef, and made “pork and dip” from scratch. He finished buying the turnip puree, but he will not do so next time.

He says that he also felt nauseous the night after, but says he thinks it may be due to the disgusting experience, and not necessarily some food poisoning.

Not taken seriously

As soon as he discovered the snus, Andreassen contacted the manufacturer BAMA, through their system for consumer inquiries.

– I felt I did not get a proper answer on how it could happen. There was no such thing as “we are going to take this seriously, and withdraw the portions that are affected,” he says.

He was told that he can get the package refunded, but calls for more than what he describes as a standard response from the manufacturer.

– I wanted to lie down flat.

– Looks awfully disgusting

The producer behind the turnip mash, BAMA, tells TV 2 that they apologize for Andreassen’s experience.

– Here, there is probably an employee who has used snus in the production room, where the bag has subsequently ended up in the product, says communications director Pia Gulbrandsen in BAMA.

She emphasizes that the use of snus is strictly prohibited in their production premises, and that they will therefore review the routines and rules with the employees again.

SORRY: BAMA apologizes for the experience Andreassen had with the turnip mash, but describes it as a single incident.  Photo: Private

SORRY: BAMA apologizes for the experience Andreassen had with the turnip mash, but describes it as a single incident. Photo: Private

– This looks terribly disgusting, and must have been a very unpleasant experience that we strongly regret. No one should have such an experience with a product from us, says Gulbrandsen when she sees Andreassen’s photos.

Does not withdraw products

Andreassen also reacts to the way his inquiries were met by consumer contact, and Gulbrandsen says that she understands that.

– I understand that he does not feel well enough taken care of. We will try to make it right again in contact with the consumer.

Gulbrandsen says, however, that it will not be relevant to send out a warning, or to recall products from the same production group.

– We consider this a very unfortunate single incident.

Andreassen is still in no doubt about which turnip puree he will choose next time.

– I will never buy turnip puree again. Here it is made from scratch in the future, he says.

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