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Idun (11) loves Oslo’s best experience for children: – I think we always have to go home a little too early

The museum received by far the most votes in the category «Oslo’s best experience for children».

Idun likes it best on the museum’s ground floor.

– I get so excited and happy to be here. It’s just as fun every time. I also always think we go home a little too early.

Idun Tungen (11) explores an exhibition about light and challenges the sense of sight to see things she did not think were possible.

She was three years old the first time she visited the museum. Since then, she has returned as often as she can:

– There are so many things to do here. When you get to try it yourself, it’s in a way easier to understand things, then.

With its 100 try-out installations, the Technical Museum is an eldorado for children of all ages. Aftenposten’s readers have now named the museum Oslo’s best experience for children.

The other nominees were Deichman Bjørvika, Oslo Climbing Center, Deichman Biblo Tøyen and the Natural History Museum. But the winner received by far the most votes.

Digger Selda Ekiz

Idun takes a selfie in front of the greenscreen.

Museum director Frode Meinich is overwhelmed with joy when he receives the message.

– You must remember to thank everyone who voted when you wrote the article, he exclaims.

The award comes in handy after some lean years for most Norwegian cultural institutions.

– This will definitely be noticed. Now we will work even harder for our vision, which is to be the funniest, most informative museum.

Idun Tungen (11) has female science communicators as role models.

Research, dissemination and the history and possibilities of science are the common denominator for all exhibitions and installations at the Technical Museum.

Idun is especially fond of spending time on the museum’s ground floor:

– There are so many buttons to press, so much to do.

The 11-year-old’s great role model is Selda Ekiz, who does “research”.

– I have even seen a bit of an adult program in which she is an actress, so I am very interested in her. When I grow up, I want to experiment and teach others about it.

– What is the funniest thing you have learned at the museum, then?

– It was a lady who took a glove inside a strange gas that made it completely stiff. Finally the glove was broken!

At the Technical Museum, children can explore scientific and technological principles.

New exhibition

Meinich thinks the museum has been voted on because children find it fascinating to experience and see things become something in real life:

– Seeing a model railway in 3D is a completely different experience than watching a video of it on Youtube, he points out and adds:

– We like to take things off the screen. The children get 3D-printed figures or can make a robot move. It’s fascinating for the little ones.

The director can also reveal that they are opening one new exhibition in the areas of data, telecommunications and communications this spring. The museum has spent four years developing it, the last two in close collaboration with the architectural firm Snøhetta.

Visitors can walk through it in different paths, depending on what they are interested in. Eventually, the exhibition itself will learn from the audience’s behavior using artificial intelligence.

The exhibition will be the largest investment at the museum since it opened at Kjelsås in 1986, both financially and in terms of size. An entire floor of the museum is being rebuilt.

Idun is looking forward to testing the new exhibition.

– When do you plan to return to the museum?

– I’m guessing. It will probably be pretty soon. Maybe with a friend or something. Mom and Dad are there, but then we can walk around a little alone.

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