Wednesday, May 18

Carlsen moved from the front with a victory over the rival

Magnus Carlsen played big and beat the combined two Shakhrijar Mamedjarov with white pieces in the prestigious chess tournament in the Netherlands on Tuesday.

Magnus Carlsen took another victory in the big tournament in the Netherlands.

Carlsen and Mamedjarov were in shared management in the big tournament in Wijk aan Zee. Both had 5.5 points before their mutual meeting. Carlsen stands alone with 6.5 points with four rounds left in the tournament.

Tuesday’s game was over after 27 moves and after the Norwegian world champion showed great play.

Carlsen opened offensively with the Queen Farmer. He tried early to put pressure on Mamedjarov, without gaining a big advantage. Carlsen then agreed to a peasant sacrifice to get a stable and solid position, but the position remained steady.

In the 16th move, there was a big impact in the party. Carlsen got a tie on the opponent’s tower and queen. The Azerbaijani had no choice but to accept that he lost his tower, and Carlsen had gained a small advantage.

– It was a lot of fun today. I’m happy with my game. I had a lot of good decisions with a lot of complications in midfield. I felt that I did my part and played very well, Carlsen told TV 2.

The opponent disappointed

He had to admit that the opponent may not have been fully involved and did not have a good day at the chessboard.

– He made some inaccurate moves and collapsed easier than he should. It was a bit typical of him. It went a little easier than I had expected, Carlsen said.

Dutch Anish Giri sails up as the strongest challenger after winning her last four games. One of the victories, however, was a walkover when Daniil Dubov refused to wear a bandage after he had been in close contact with a corona infected.

giri toer

– He has started to play very well. I have seen that he has had good games, and it is impressive that he beat Esipenko with black. It’s never easy. I am also impressed with his willingness to win, Carlsen said when asked about Giri.

Dubov offered Giri to play the game on the day off on Monday. Giri refused. Thus, the Dutchman was left with victories in that party.

Magnus Carlsen has won the tournament in the Netherlands seven times, most recently in 2019.

In the last four games, there may be some tough challenges for Carlsen. He will play with black pieces against Sergei Karjakin and Fabiano Caruana, and will sharpen on Santosh Gujrathi Vidit and Daniil Dubov with white pieces.

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