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Big price difference between train and bus: Here you have to go out with a hundred bucks extra

One train ride for 147 kroner or one bus ride for 42 kroner? The choice may not be so difficult.

From October 4, 2021 introduced the Environmental Package harmonized tariffs on single tickets in public transport from Melhus municipality in the south and Stjørdal municipality in the north.

The only problem is that the scheme has not yet been implemented for trains. This leads to large price differences.

It is just over 100 meters between the bus stop and the train platform at the bus station in Melhus.

If you choose to buy a single ticket on the train from here to Stjørdal, you have to pay 147 kroner. If you choose a bus, the price is 42 kroner.

People buy train tickets

TICKET PURCHASE: The train ticket will be significantly more expensive than the bus ticket if you do not have a season ticket.

Photo: Morten Andersen / NRK

The mayors are impatient

It was set at 13.5 million to get the same rate for single tickets – as it already is for season tickets.

– We’re waiting. The political decision has been made. The money is set aside. But it has not been introduced, says Melhus mayor, Jorid Jagtøyen (Sp).

Jorid Jagtøyen, mayor of Melhus municipality

MAYOR: Mayor Jorid Jagtøyen (Sp) in Melhus said that 13.5 million has been set aside to get the same price on the individual tickets.

Photo: Morten Andersen / NRK

Deputy mayor of Stjørdal, Ole Hermod Sandvik (H) thinks it is surprising that it takes so long.

– I’m very impatient. I was sure we would have it in place before the turn of the year. I was very disappointed when we received the signal that this could take up to several months.

In order to get more people to choose public transport over the car, one has for several years been able to travel for affordable money with a season ticket in The Trondheim region.

Men eother travel habits mean that season tickets can be unfavorable for some.

– I do not understand why this takes so long. Here, someone must take hold, and make sure to get it fixed. Then point the arrows at Entur, who has the mission. They have to explain what the problem is, says Sandvik.

Deputy Mayor of Stjørdal, Ole Hermod Sandvik (H)

DEPUTY MAYOR: Deputy mayor Ole Hermod Sandvik (H) in Stjørdal does not understand why it takes so long to get the ticket system in place.

Photo: Morten Andersen / NRK

Demanding job

The state-owned Entur is responsible for develop new, coordinated solutions for the whole of collective Norway – both in the form of ticket arrangements and travel planning.

Something that is demanding, according to the communications manager in Entur, Ragnhild Skaara Imset.

– The reason why it is not in place today is that it is a rather demanding job when different companies with different technology and standards for tariffs and ticketing are to enter into a price collaboration.

There are also no regular trips for single tickets in place. A journey where one combines bus and train can cost more than three times as much as what the politicians agreed on the urban growth agreement.

This makes the train a less attractive choice for travelers.

Hilde Lyng, Head of Communications at SJ Norway, would like to see the solution ready.

– For SJ, this means that customers have not been given the opportunity to travel on a single ticket for NOK 42 for an adult within zone A. It is a pity that this has not been possible yet, since it has been decided.

Zone map for AtB

ZONE MAP: A single ticket in zone A must cost the same regardless of whether you travel by train or bus. It does not now.

Photo: Screenshot from AtB / 24.01.22, at 18:53

Goes for plan B until further notice

Entur must have a technical platform in place for the ticket hall. The system may not be in place until the summer.

– I understand that it is very frustrating for travelers. Entur works to make it easier to travel by public transport. This has a high priority with us, and with the other public transport companies, Imset states.

The transport company AtB already has a functioning ticket system for travelers who buy single tickets by bus.

– Can not a valid single ticket at AtB also be valid on the train – as a short-term solution?

– It was a good proposal, says the Melhus mayor.

Bus in Melhus

BUS: A bus trip is a much cheaper alternative if you are going to buy a single ticket.

Photo: Morten Andersen / NRK

Entur has big plans for the new national travel planner they are developing, but now they are going for plan B to solve the tariff complex in the Trondheim region.

If all the pieces fall into place, it may soon be significantly cheaper to travel also with single ticket.

– It is a permanent solution that takes a little longer to get in place, and then it is an intermediate solution that travelers will enjoy. It’s just around the corner, Imset promises.

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