Wednesday, May 18

The Swedes have made an escape plan after the European Championships

There have been a number of cases of infection in the Swedish European Championship squad. No later than Monday morning, it was Andreas Palicka and Felix Claar who got back positive samples the day before the fateful match against Norway on Tuesday night.

In the Swedish camp, the fear of corona isolation is now so great that a plan has been made not to be left in isolation in Hungary for up to one week in the event of a positive final test in the championship.

– We will find a good rental car and gas on the way home. You get to see if you are sitting alone in the boat or if there are more of us. It will be either a car or a minibus if there are many of us, says Sweden player Jonathan Carlsbogård Aftonbladet.

After the main round, the last teams move from Slovakia and Bratislava to Hungary and Budapest, where the medals and fifth place will be played.

– I am not interested in answering such questions

Carlsbogård believes it is a “nightmare scenario” to be left in isolation after the European Championships.

– I do not want to be here again. It is a matter that is certain, says teammate Lukas Sandell Aftonbladet.

No similar plans have been made in the Norwegian squad.

– No, it is not something we have focused on. First and foremost, we take all precautions to minimize the risk of becoming infected, but we can not one hundred percent guard against it, says Sebastian Barthold to TV 2.

In the EC regulations, there will be five days of isolation during a positive coronal test, before you can test yourself with two negative samples at one-day intervals, writes Aftonbladet. After the championship, the local rules come into force.

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Norway has so far gone through the European Championships without a single case of infection, but with outbreaks in most other teams, corona has been a major theme in the championship.

– We try to make it just me who thinks so much about it. I think the guys and the leaders are good at concentrating on what they should do, says national team doctor Thomas Torgalsen to TV 2.

Spain is expected to beat Poland and reach the semifinals on Tuesday. Norway advances to the semifinals with points against Sweden. However, the loser of the settlement also travels to Budapest to play for fifth place on Friday afternoon.

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