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The head coach loses responsibility after an internal conflict

For over a week, it has been publicly known that there is dissatisfaction in Stjernen with Anders Olsson.

The club has spent time making a decision regarding Olsson’s future as Stjernen coach.

On Monday, it became clear that Olsson will temporarily not be allowed to continue as head coach.

It appears in a press release late out of the club late Monday night.

This is what it says press releases:

“Based on the conflict within the team, the board has today decided that Anders Olsson will temporarily be given other work tasks.

This means less direct contact with the player group and other sports personnel. The management of the club hopes this improves the situation that has arisen in the club and is in the best interests of both parties. “


On Monday night, Fredriksstad Blad could experience that there was growing dissatisfaction in the player group against head coach Anders Olsson, and Stjernen’s sports manager Darren Treloar confirmed that the player group had gathered to vent frustration.

On Tuesday last week, the sports director told TV 2 that they had confidence in the head coach.

Since Monday, there has been hectic meeting activity in Fredrikstad to decide whether the coach has further confidence as the head coach for Stjernen.

On Thursday night, Stjernen Hockey held a board meeting where the theme was Anders Olsson’s future as Stjernen coach.

When the meeting was over, Olsson was still the coach for the Fredrikstad team. He has been since, but Olsson has not been allowed to lead the team, including in the match against Frisk Asker on Saturday.

TV 2 is aware that several players have expressed that they no longer wanted Olsson as coach.

CONTACT: René Hansen has been asked if he can imagine a role around the Stjernen team. Photo: Carina Johansen

Contacted coach

On Friday, TV 2 received confirmation that Stjernen has contacted another coach.

Former Stjernen coach René Hansen then claimed that he had not been asked if he could consider taking over as head coach. He would not comment on whether he had been asked if he wanted a role around the team.

TV 2 was later confirmed by Stjernen’s sports manager Darren Treloar that the club has inquired whether Hansen can imagine a role around the team.

Treloar has not yet answered TV 2’s question about what role they have asked Hansen if he can think of.

Hansen grew up in Stjernehallen and has been both a player and coach for Stjernen.

Has performed

The coach’s period as head coach in Norway has been successful on the ice. The team topped the table for a long time and played entertaining hockey.

To TV 2, Olsson has been open about the fact that he uses unusual methods to get his teams to perform.

– The players read books, give lectures, learn instruments, go to the cinema and go to the theater, Olsson said.

In recent weeks, the team has given up more and more points. Now they are in 2nd place in the table.

The case is being updated.

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