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The government with new quarantine rules

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The Ministry of Health and Care Services has come up with new quarantine rules.

The infection quarantine of 10 days can be replaced with daily testing for a household member and similar close, write the Ministry of Health and Care Services in a press release.

– Now we are terminating the infection quarantine. Now one can rather test oneself daily when a household member or close contact has been infected. It will ease the situation for the municipality and very many families, says Minister of Health and Care Services, Ingvild Kjerkol to NRK.

She adds that these changes were announced on 14 January, but that the government has had to secure tests so that this would be possible in practice.

– Now comes a quarter of large deliveries of tests, and then we end the infection quarantine for close contacts and household members, she says.

Hoping for enough tests

The change will take effect from midnight on the night of 26 January.

Kjerkol states that one should be in quarantine until then if one has an infection in the house, but that from then on one can test oneself daily and release the quarantine.

– This will apply to anyone who has an infection in a close family or has been in contact with an infection. We are terminating the infection quarantine. One can rather use daily tests and thus release the quarantine. Now we have a lot of absences in many sectors as a result of the quarantine provisions, and then it is time to end it, says Kjerkol.

The Minister of Health and Care Services has threatened that there will be enough tests to implement the new regime.

Positive corona rapid test

HOPE FOR NOK: – On the way we cross our fingers and are pretty sure that these tests will come, says

Photo: Erik Johansen / NTB

– We announced this change on January 14, so we are waiting to receive large deliveries of tests. On the way, we cross our fingers and are pretty sure that these tests will come, and that it will then be justifiable to carry out a test regime instead of the quarantine infection, she says.

– Good news

The number of infections has never been as high as it is now.

Kjerkol says that there is uncertainty about removing the quarantine requirement at the same time as one sees that the infection trend is rising.

– But the numbers we see in connection with admissions are very positive. We have seen infection records. On Friday, we had almost 25,000 infections. I talked to my Danish colleague today. They have 40,000 infections, but the number of admissions is not increasing, she says.

Ingvild Kjerkhol interviewed by NRK 24 January 2022

FROM WEDNESDAY: Kjerkol says that the new rules will come into force on the night of 26 January.

Photo: NRK

– That’s good news. Then it is no longer such a dangerous disease, but a disease we tolerate being infected with, Kjerkol adds.

More like a flu?

– Yes, we hope so. That this is the way out, she answers.

The entry quarantine will be discontinued

The Ministry of Health and Care Services has also chosen to abolish the current requirements for entry quarantine, they report in a press release.

They do this on the recommendation of FHI, as it is no longer regarded as an infection control professional.

The claim expires from midnight, night until 26 January.

– I agree with FHI that the number of infections among those entering without a corona certificate is so small related to the situation we have in Norway now, that the time has come to change the requirement for entry quarantine, says the Minister of Health and Care Services in the press release.

Discontinuation of entry quarantine will contribute to a faster opening of society, with easier entry. This can have positive socio-economic consequences for the business community and the tourism industry in particular, she adds.

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