Wednesday, May 18

Northug responds to Johaug election

– I have to be insanely careful with everything I do and be really selfish the next few days.

Therese Johan. Photo: Pål S. Schaathun

Said Therese Johaug at today’s digital press conference, which of course was characterized by the fact that sprint coach Arild Monsen has tested positive.

Johaug also said that she will be with her boyfriend for 24 hours in Oslo before she goes on to China. This makes TV 2’s cross-country expert stagger. Although Johaug demands that his girlfriend, Nils Jakob Hoff, must have a negative PCR test, Northug is very surprised.

Nils Jakob Hoff.  Photo: Vidar Ruud

Nils Jakob Hoff. Photo: Vidar Ruud

– There is infection in the squad, and now it is about having contact with as few as possible. Then it is safer to have a private room at the airport hotel than to go home.

– Does Therese Johaug increase the risk of becoming infected by going home?

– Yes, because everything that has to do with travel can contribute to an increased risk of infection. What is important now is as much isolation and contact with as few as you can.

– Johaug says she must be selfish, is it to run home for a day cynical in these times?

The Olympic squad fears critical hours at Gardermoen – has applied for an exemption

– No, going home is not cynical. If you have been accurate and careful until now, it is stupid that such a small mistake can destroy so much.

– And I also do not like the itinerary of the Norwegian squad, Petter Northug continues

– They are here in Seiser Alm, drive minibuses to Munich, then scheduled flights to Oslo, then sleep there for 24 hours before heading to China in the evening. For me: As few as possible both airports and scheduled flights. The Norwegian itinerary should have been avoided.

– The Russians who also live here go to Milan and fly directly from there to China?

– It is a simpler itinerary which means meeting fewer people and then the risk of being infected is also less. This solution is better than the Norwegian one.

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