Thursday, May 19

Judges say yes to the grand jury in the investigation of Trump in the state of Georgia

It is the prosecuting authority that has requested that a special grand jury be appointed, and on Monday the request was given the green light by the judges. The grand jury will help decide whether the former president and several others broke the law when they tried to pressure politicians in Georgia to cancel Joe Biden’s victory in the state in last year’s presidential election.

The grand jury will be appointed on 2 May, and it can sit for up to a year.

The order from the judges states that the grand jury is given a mandate to investigate all facts and circumstances that are indirectly or directly related to violations of the state’s laws.

Phone calls

State Attorney Fani Willis has been reluctant to provide information about the case, but in an interview with AP earlier in January, she said that the investigation is aimed at a telephone conversation between Trump and Georgia’s Republican Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger January 2, 2021, as well as a telephone conversation between Senator Lindsey Graham and Raffensperger in November 2020.

In a statement last week, Trump called the phone call with Raffenperger “perfect,” while insisting he did not say anything wrong. Graham has also maintained that he has not done anything wrong.

In a recording of the conversation, one can hear Trump ask Raffensperger to “find” more votes to tip the election result in the state in his favor.

Complex investigation

Particularly disadvantaged grand juries can contribute to the investigation of complex cases. They do not have the power to prosecute themselves, but they can make recommendations for criminal action.

Willis believes that there is a need for a special grand jury as an ordinary jury can only be appointed for a period of two months.

Her investigation became public in February last year when she sent letters to several of the state’s top politicians asking them to keep all documentation related to the election, especially evidence of attempts to influence election officials.

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