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Naive to think that the Taliban will share the money with others than their loved ones

It has provoked strong reactions that these who were once seen as the most dangerous terrorists, are welcomed to Norway.

Although it is claimed that the invitation is not a recognition of the terrorist organization, many see the invitation as a mockery of the many thousands killed during the 20-year war. Over 20 years of war have had a high price with 47,000 civilians killed, according to Cost Of War.

In addition, many dozens of journalists, several hundred aid workers and many thousands of soldiers were killed, including ten Norwegians. In the delegation, the main man is behind many of these killings.

Many are critical of the visit and fear that we have forgotten what these extremists stand for. Execution methods such as stoning to death, hanging and suicide bombs are some of the methods they are known for. The last five months show that the Taliban has not changed in any way. They give the bluff in international law. Since regaining power, they have introduced several restrictions on the participation of women and minorities in society and working life.

The country is in a humanitarian crisis. While the terrorists enjoy private flights and hotel stays on Soria Moria, many millions are at risk of starvation to death. The economic system has collapsed. Winter and cold, sky-high food prices, drought and hardship have forced many families to sell their children in order to survive.

Thanks to former President Ashraf Ghani and his corrupt government, terrorists are in power now. We can not do anything about it. The only way to avoid a humanitarian catastrophe in the country is through dialogue. Although this dialogue must take place on the terms of the terrorists, it is expected that clear demands will be made.

The Taliban is dependent on support and will, of course, make promises about one thing and another, as they have done countless times before. But that is a lie. It is incredibly naive to think that the money bag they bring with them is shared with others than their loved ones.

Norwegian Afghans constantly receive reports that the aid that enters the country does not reach those for whom it is intended, for example the minorities. Here it is important to set clear conditions so that women and minorities get their share of development assistance.

Javad Jaghori, advocate

The stairs have become steep slopes of ice

Walkways are mowed and strewn with small tractors. But the stairs have been left to themselves, and now there are steep slopes where the steps are barely visible under thick, shiny ice.

At one point, this ice was wet slush. This could have been swept away with a simple shovel. It would take five minutes. Chopping away the ice takes at least five hours. And then with the danger of destroying the stairs themselves.

Is there no municipal authority that could take this responsibility?

Helge Winsvold, Vålerenga

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