Wednesday, May 25

A government representative will meet with the Taliban on Tuesday

State Secretary Henrik Thune (Labor Party) in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has specific demands on the Islamists who are in power in Afghanistan.

Secretary of State Henrik Thune will attend a meeting with representatives of the Taliban.

Several media outlets have reported that Foreign Minister Anniken Huitfeldt will not meet with Taliban representatives during their visit to Norway. But on Tuesday, her secretary of state will attend a meeting with them.

One important reason for Taliban talks in Norway is an acute danger of a new influx of refugees to Europe. Thune (Labor Party) has informed Aftenposten.

Received input on requirements on Monday

On Monday afternoon, he had meetings with representatives of Afghan civil society. He then received input on demands that should be made of the Afghan authorities.

The Taliban will also meet with representatives from the Foreign Ministry at 10.30. The topic of these talks will largely be the humanitarian situation in the country.

Later in the day, Norwegian humanitarian organizations will meet the Taliban delegation at the Soria Moria hotel in Oslo.

Thune has stated to Aftenposten that the government will only meet Taliban Foreign Minister Amir Khan Muttaqi and Justice Minister Abdul Hakim Sharie. Thune brings three Foreign Ministry diplomats to the meeting.

Infamous leader in terrorist networks does not participate

At Tuesday’s meeting, the infamous Taliban leader Mohammed Anas Zadran will not be present. Zadran also goes by the name Anas Haqqani. He is in Oslo as a senior adviser to the Ministry of the Interior.

His brother leads a network that has been behind a long series of terrorist attacks in Afghanistan. One of them was attacked at the Serena Hotel, where Dagbladet journalist Carsten Thomassen was killed and another Norwegian was injured. Many have criticized the government for giving permission for Anas Haqqani to come to Norway.

On Tuesday, the Taliban delegation will return after three days of talks in Oslo.

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