Saturday, May 21

Two officers in Enköping investigated for sexual harassment – Nyheter (Ekot)

– Preliminary investigation has begun. A preliminary investigation is currently underway with the headings sexual harassment and misconduct, says Thomas Forsberg.

It was after that about 500 conscripts were sent home in mid-December as the problems at the Command Regiment in Enköping received a lot of attention. A week ago, Ekot was able to reveal that conscripts in an internal investigation had testified that officers called them “monkeys”, “malformed” and “mentally retarded”. Three officers have also been reported to the police by the regiment.

Ekot can now tell which crimes the designated officers are being investigated for.

The events should have took place during the autumn at a firing range outside Enköping. According to the report in one case, an officer must have given an order to another officer to perform an act against the conscripts – an act that is now being investigated as sexual harassment and misconduct, prosecutor Thomas Forsberg says.

– Person two performs something on a number of conscripts, but more detail than that can not be described right now because no interrogations have been held. The severity is difficult to assess based on the rather scarce information available. It may come later. But it sounds like it could very well be at the criminal level.

In the second In this case, the report is directed at an officer who is said to have performed things against conscripts who also fall under the headings misconduct and sexual harassment.

District Attorney Thomas Forsberg hopes to complete the investigation as soon as possible, and that the police interrogate those who may know what happened.

– It will be relevant to hear the conscripts, but also people who have otherwise become aware of this incident, he says.

So there is currently two designated officers in these cases. The management regiment in Enköping does not want to comment on how the officers react to the alleged acts in the police report. The police have not yet held any interrogations, either with officers or conscripts.

A third case, which is being handled by another prosecutor, Ekot has not yet been able to obtain information about.

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