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The Olympic champion will wave in Beijing form

Norway’s reigning Olympic champion Håvard Lorentzen (29) and the rest of the national ice skating team have installed giant fans in the Viking ship to train at the higher speed they must master in Beijing in two weeks.

FAN TRICK: Olympic sprinter hope Håvard Lorentzen in pairs with one of six fans who will help him train at Olympic speed for the Winter Games in Beijing 4.-20. February.

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– It is so that we can feel the same speed, and not spend two weeks getting used to it again. Small things like this can make a difference, says Håvard Lorentzen – considering the six industrial fans that were placed on the safety cushions around the ice in the Viking ship on Tuesday.

At full throttle, they gave the desired effect. With the wind from the fans in the back, Håvard Lorentzen and the other sprinters on the national ice skating team got up to speed. On a par with the one they have to deal with on what appears to be smoother Olympic ice in Beijing. It can be compared to the ice surfaces and conditions in Heerenveen – as below European Championships a week and a half ago – and Inzell where they often attend training sessions.

– It gives the same feeling as on the slippery tracks. This is the only opportunity we have with the electricity prices that are now, says former national team and Olympic runner Petter Andersen (48).

It was he who hatched the idea and asked Håvard Lorentzen personal sponsor – and future employer – Renta if they could spare a bunch of Olympic speed fans.

– It was the first time today. I’ve never gone with fans before. But it has the same effect as during the World Cup race with a hundred people on the ice at the same time, which gives a lot of wind around the track, Håvard Lorentzen explains.

He adds that Norway’s national team runners, from experience, need the season’s first two World Cup competitions as a habit to a higher speed – on the smoother ice offshore – than the one they are used to from this autumn’s all ice training in Stavanger and Vikingskipet.

Friday is coming Sverre Lunde Pedersen (29) and the all-rounder home to Norway from his training session on the outdoor ice in Italian Collalbo. Most of them go straight to the “fan collection” in Hamar. Everyone takes the Olympics’ first chartered Olympic plane to Beijing on January 27.

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“Lorry”, as four years ago won Olympic gold in the 500 meters and Olympic silver in the 1000 meters in Pyeongchang, says that it is unusually cold in the Viking ship. The sprinters must dress well and take breaks in the sessions to get the feeling back in their toes. But first and foremost, the cold affects the speed of the runners, in a negative sense.

– It’s like meeting a wall, due to high air resistance. But now, with the fans, the conditions are the same as those we had last week in Heerenveen, where the ice quality is a notch “plus” up – and there is (plus) 12 degrees difference from the air temperature here, says Håvard Lorentzen.

Petter Andersen The Viking ship combination “not particularly slippery” ice and low power crisis temperature gives runners a feeling of going through tough mass. With the fans, that feeling disappears. The effect comes then. Lorentzen & co. is clocked in to Heerenveen times with the innovation in the back.

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