Wednesday, May 18

Several mountain passes still closed

E6 over Dovrefjell was reopened Thursday night after being closed since Wednesday night.

Further north, however, the European road is closed. At Kvænangsfjellet in Troms and Finnmark, the E6 is closed due to avalanches. State Highways Authority comes with a new assessment on Friday at 12. Also county road 889 Snefjord – Havøysund in Måsøy is closed.

E6 Saltfjellet is still closed, initially until 8 o’clock on Friday, while it is open for free traffic on E6 Sennalandet after a period of column driving.

E10 Bjørnfjell in Nordland was closed at 23.40 on Wednesday night and is still closed. A new assessment will be made on Friday at 7 o’clock.

At the mountain crossings between Eastern and Western Norway, E134 Haukelifjell and E16 over Filefjell are open for normal traffic, while there is column driving on the RV. 7 over the Hardangervidda.

Traffic flow has been controlled on national road 52 Hemsedalsfjellet, and fv. 27 Venabygdsfjellet in Ringebu may be closed at short notice.

The following other roads are closed:

* Rv. 13 Vikafjellet

* Fv. 50 Hol – Aurland

* Fv. 53 Tyin – Årdal

* Fv. 705 Stugudal – Brekken

* Fv. 888 Bekkarfjord – Hopseidet

* Fv. 889 Snefjord – Havøysund

* Fv. 890 Kongsfjordfjellet

* Fv. 891 Båtsfjordfjellet

* Fv. 98 Ifjordfjellet

* E69 Skarsvåg – Nordkapp

There is column driving in the following places:

* Rv. 7 over the Hardangervidda

* Rv. 52 Hemsedal (controlled traffic flow)

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