Thursday, May 19

She worked to get Norway into the UN Security Council. Now she runs Oslo’s best association.

Every Thursday, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’s swimming club meets before work. The club’s chance meeting with two anarchists in 2015 has made Oslo an international talking point.

Ragna Marie Fjeld worked on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ campaign to get Norway into the UN Security Council. In 2019, her career took a completely different turn.

This autumn, Aftenposten invited to help find the best the city has to offer. Nearly 1,000 proposals were received, before a jury selected 49 candidates divided into ten categories. Among other things, we have been looking for Oslo’s best association.

The five finalists were the Ski Association, Oslo Sauna Association, Grorud IL, DNT Oslo and surroundings and Ung Bjørndal. The winner is an association that has received international attention. It is growing strongly – and it made the general manager make an unexpected career choice.

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