Thursday, May 26

Sends stings to the critics

Stavanger Oilers – Sparta 4-1

Greener – Frisk Asker 1-7

Series leader Stavanger Oilers took on Sparta on Thursday for a top match in DNB Arena.

A reduced away team were clear underdogs before the settlement, and the Sarpings had a tough time in the oil town.

At Grunerløkka, Frisk Asker was many notches better than the home team, when Viktor Granholm scored a hat-trick.

Got a match penalty

There was no doubt about which team came out best of the starting blocks. The Oilers were the leading team throughout the first period.

After 15 minutes, the home side was awarded a penalty. In overtime, Steven Whitney became the match’s first goal scorer.

Here you can see the score:

It happened after Sparta player Robin Soudsky received a match penalty after tackling Stavanger Oilers player Nicolai Bryhnisveen. The away team had to play in the minority for five minutes.

Shot statistics for the period: 11-1.

Here you can see the tackle:


The second period was far smoother than the first.

Sparta played until several good chances, and already after six minutes came the equalizer.

The man with the gold helmet, Kristian Jakobsson, had time to aim at the farthest corner. It punished for the home team.

The league’s best team in overtime games spent only six seconds of the period’s first overtime to outsmart Oilers goalkeeper Henrik Holm.

Here you can see Jakobsson’s scoring:

Seven minutes later, Oilers captain and veteran Dennis Sveum sent the home team back in the lead.

The Oilers were closer to increasing the lead than Sparta were leveling the rest of the period. It was 2-1 when the period was over.

Took out the goalkeeper

Before the third period, the task was clear: Sparta had to score at least one goal to take points home from Stavanger.

After just over half the period played, Tommy Kristiansen made the task even more difficult for the guests.

The Oilers player increased to 3-1 at home against the childhood club.

The home team had complete control, and when Sparta sacrificed everything to score, it was the home team that got the puck in goal.

In an open goal, Dan Kissel was able to send in 4-1, which was also the end result.

– I feel that we did a very good match today. We were the best team and won deservedly. Today we had four rows that just drove on, Kristiansen told TV 2 after the match.

Sends plugs

During the match, a viewer criticized the Oilers. “Are there any sharper and less notable teams than the Stavanger Oilers?” He asked.

After the match, Oilers goalkeeper Henrik Holm responded by posting a picture of himself and Tommy Kristiansen on opposite sides of the Stavanger team’s prize shelves. You can see the post here:

To TV 2, Holm explains the sting to the critics as follows:

– I know Jørgen since he is from the same place in Fredrikstad as me. It’s fun to fire up the other supporters a bit. They have not sniffed at a title in 15-20 years in Fredrikstad, and here there have been quite a few titles, so we like to play boring. We show up to win matches and do what it takes to do just that, says Holm.

Two goals in eleven seconds

In tonight’s second match, it was the home team Grüner who scored first. Emil Holm Larsen put in 1-0 after 14 minutes, before Mats Frøshaug equalized two minutes later. There were no more goals in the first period.

The second period was just over a minute old when Viktor Granholm sent the guests in the lead.

Only eleven seconds later, Kristoffer Thomassen increased the lead, 1-3. Ten minutes later Granholm scored again.

David Morley increased to 1-5 minutes later. Mikkel Christiansen increased to 1-6.

The minute before the end, Granholm put in his third goal of the evening. It ended 1-7.

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