Sunday, May 29

Recommends increasing the number of events

NEW RECOMMENDATION: The health authorities recommend increasing the number of public indoor events.

The Norwegian Directorate of Health and FHI recommend in a new academic basis to increase the number of public indoor events to 1500 participants, if there are permanent places allocated.

If it is an outdoor event, up to 3,000 participants are suggested.

Today, there can be up to 200 participants in public events, if there are permanent, designated places.

Outdoors you can be 200 if there are no permanent places, and 600 with permanent places.

The recommendation states that this applies to larger premises and arenas. The number of participants can be up to 50 percent of the capacity. Everyone at the event must be able to keep at least one meter away from other than household members.

The new professional basis was delivered to the Ministry of Health and Care Services on 18 January.

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