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Myra about his rootless upbringing: – Everything can be arranged

TURBULENT CHILDHOOD: Regina “Myra” Tucker has not had it easy growing up in Bergen, something she tells openly about in two TV2 programs this week.

As a four-year-old, the current “Every time we meet” rapper Myra (27) fled the war in Sierra Leone with her mother.

– I only remember fractions of this time and a couple of strong experiences. I remember once in the refugee camp when a cobra snake came I thought was a toy. Then I sang and danced while I walked towards it to pick it up, but suddenly a whole bunch of adults came and killed it, Myra says to VG.

On Wednesday night, Regina Tucker, with Myra as artist name, was the first guest on Emma Ellingsen’s program series “Different” on TV 2 Play.

This coming Saturday, she is also the main character in this week’s “Every time we meet”. In both programs, she talks openly and strongly about the escape from the war in Sierra Leone, about stays in refugee camps and – when she came to Bergen – about ever-changing residences in both orphanages and visiting homes.

And not least about an upbringing that was also characterized by frequent school changes, which meant that she constantly had to relate to new people.

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– I think I have always had an inherent belief that things will get better and that everything can be arranged, Myra says when asked where she got her strength from growing up.

– I guess I was just born a positive person, and my circumstances have never been able to change, even though it has been extremely challenging and none of us come out well without wounds. I also know that my faith in God through my upbringing took away much of the overwhelming feeling of loneliness and gave me hope, she says.


– The loneliness and difference that you felt when you moved to Bergen; was there no one you could address this with?

– It is a very good question. I think the annual moving-in and moving-out processes I went through created great relationship damage and attachment difficulties for me, and I probably never got enough time to feel safe in one place, says Myra who believes that the last thing you want to be in a new place is a burden.

– I think I felt that I risked too much by opening up, I also think people forget how much children perceive and feel. So this was probably too complicated and difficult for me to put into words as a child, says Myra.

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In recent years, she has been one of the foremost shooting stars in Norwegian rap, with lyrics and themes that are directly taken from her own experiences.

As a participant in “Every time we meet”, a wider group of the Norwegian people have become well acquainted with her, as was also the case during NRK’s ​​”Star Fight” in 2020. The contrast is great from the lively and bubbly artist from TV2 to the four-year-old who had to “Hiding in the jungle, sneaking past and jumping over dead bodies” on the run from the war in her native Sierra Leone, as she describes it in Saturday’s program.

THE GANG: Myra got in good contact with the rest of the gang during this season’s “Every time we meet” which was recorded on Kjerringøy. Behind Myra from left: Anna (of the North) Lotterud, Øystein Greni, Jarle Bernhoft, Arif and Maj Britt Andersen.

– The macabre things I think my brain has repressed, but I remember things here and there, and I’m sure a lot is still in my body. I also remember the first time I was at an airport on my way to Norway because my whole family was dressed alike and it was cold, she says.

For Myra, writing texts has always been a form of escape that has given her direction, she says. It helps her to put words into words and grasp the things that are difficult to say out loud.

– Nowadays I need to focus more on “traditional” therapy and process things from my childhood, something I have never done before. I also want to spend more time in my relationships, and practice putting away my armor. It’s a day to day job.

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