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Fancy a trip to Sweden? These are the rules that apply.

From Friday, you do not have to show a negative corona test to cross the Swedish border. But the test requirement is maintained for everyone who is unvaccinated.

As of Friday 21 January, Swedes will drop the requirement for a fresh and negative corona test to allow foreigners into the country. This photo was taken on January 8 at the border station on the Swedish side at Svinesund.

After the Swedes opened all border crossings in early October, they turned in space Christmas.

On 28 December, a test requirement was introduced for everyone arriving in the country: in order to be admitted, a negative corona test taken within 72 hours before entering Sweden had to be presented.

Sweden then had among the lowest infection rates in Europe, also significantly lower than in Norway and Denmark. But in the new year, Sweden has also seen a dramatic increase in new cases of infection as a result of the omicron variant.

At the border station on the Swedish side, the police have carried out checks on all travelers since Christmas. This photo was taken January 8, 2022.

As of Friday 21 January, the test requirement will therefore be removed. There is nothing wrong with such a requirement anymore, as long as the infection pressure is equal, or lower, in neighboring countries.

But you must present a corona certificate. It must document that you have either been vaccinated, tested negative 72 hours before arrival or have undergone covid-19 during the last six months.

If you have not been vaccinated, you must present a fresh and negative coronal test before the “sweet brother” lets you in.

These requirements apply to non-Swedes who are 18 years and older, with certain exceptions. You can read more about the exceptions the websites of the Swedish authorities.

But you have to test yourself on return

When you travel to Norway again, you must fill out one entry form. This also applies if you have been fully vaccinated and / or have undergone covid-19.

You must also take a covid-19 test at the border upon arrival in Norway. You must also do this even if you have been fully vaccinated or have undergone corona.

You test yourself at the border crossing if it has a test station. The test is free.

If there is no test station at the border crossing, you must test yourself at a test station or by means of a self-test within 24 hours of arrival. By positive antigen rapid test or self-test, take PCR-test as soon as possible and no later than within 24 hours.

Sweden recommends testing after entry

The Swedish health authorities also recommend that everyone who enters Sweden takes a PCR test after entry.

This is a recommendation that applies to everyone, including Swedish citizens and foreigners residing in Sweden.

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