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Several participants were drunk on the “Farm” farm

ALL: Back left: Isak Dreyer, Niklas Baarli, Jahn Ivar Jakobsen, Vebjørn Selbekk, Øyunn Krogh, Heine Totland, Ingrid Simensen, Kjersti Grini, Shabana Rehman, Dorthe Skappel, Adam Ezzari and Sophie Elise Isachsen.

TV 2 itself reports that several of the profiles in “Farmen kjendis” broke the rules in the form of smuggling.


Among other things, writes that Isak Dreyer got outsiders to shop for him while he was on the farm. The bill is said to have reached tens of thousands of kroner.

TV 2 also confirms that participants were drunk during their stay.

Dreyer, known as the winner of the TV series «Norway’s toughest», reveals himself in an interview with «Good Evening Norway», where several of his «Farmen» friends are presenters, Dorthe Skappel, Sophie Elise Isachsen and Niklas Baarli.

– It was quite simple when we first found the method, explains Dreyer, who is a guest in the TV studio together with artist Heine Totland – also relevant in the reality series.

Totland confides on TV that Dreyer rowed across the water, ran through the woods until he hit a road – and that he stopped the first car that came.

Kebab and red wine

He then asked the couple in the car if they would earn 15,000 kroner, Totland says.

The couple in the car were interested in easy money, so they received a shopping list and agreed with Dreyer where the goods would be delivered. The agreement was otherwise that they would get the money when the participants eventually gained access to their mobile phones.

The shopping list included chocolate, kebab rolls, six liters of red wine, six liters of alcohol, two kilos of coffee, two liters of juice and oil, the two admit. writes that the sum of the smuggled goods must have reached more than 30,000 kroner. Exactly how much, no one will reveal. Baarli suggests in the studio that it was his host partner Isachsen who ended up taking the whole bill.

The production is said to have confiscated the alcohol several times, but they allegedly never managed to find out how the participants got it smuggled in or who was the mastermind behind it all.

That participants on the “farm” sneak in goods they are not allowed to, is not new. In 2019, among other things, VG wrote about all the cheating behind the scenes that TV viewers were not allowed to witness.

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