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Ready for the princess’ birthday – visits the Prime Minister, the Storting and the Supreme Court

Princess Ingrid Alexandras’ 18th birthday celebration is not quite like everyone else’s. She is sent around to learn more about the government, the Storting and the Supreme Court.

Princess Ingrid Alexandra, who turns 18 next Friday, photographed in her new office at the Palace

On Friday, Norway’s princess and heir to the throne, Ingrid Alexandra, turns 18 years old. The big gala dinner at the Palace, with guests from home and abroad, has been postponed due to the corona. The same applies to the gala dinner that the government will hold for her. Instead, it will be a more subdued celebration with those closest to you.

However, a number of the official celebrations in connection with the 18th anniversary will still be carried out as normal. The day before, she will visit the three powers: the Supreme Court, the Storting and the government.

Here, the princess will learn more about the state apparatus and how the three institutions work.

Meets Støre

When the princess one day becomes queen, she will, like her grandfather and father, regularly receive the government at the Palace to hold a cabinet meeting.

Thus, it may be useful for her to learn more about how the government works, something Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre (Labor Party) will ensure when he receives the princess in his office on Thursday.

In fact, the government had also planned a large gala dinner for Ingrid Alexandra with participants from all over the country, especially young people, music and other cultural elements. But it has to wait.

– Government Day is a big event in the lives of all young people. This applies not least to an heir to the throne who is to represent Norway and the Norwegian people. I had looked forward to celebrating Princess Ingrid Alexandra on Government Day, but the infection situation unfortunately does not make it possible now, said the Prime Minister when it became clear that the dinner had to be postponed.

Princess Ingrid Alexandra (right) with her mother, Crown Princess Mette-Marit, on her first official assignment when she received four-year-old Elsa Engstad Larsen (left) and the Environmental Agent Parade at Slottsplassen in 2009.

Visits to the Storting

On the day Ingrid Alexandra becomes queen, she will also be responsible for the solemn opening of the Storting every autumn. Her father, Crown Prince Haakon, has been with the king on this ever since he was 18 years old and a new Crown Prince in 1991.

It is uncertain whether Ingrid Alexandra will attend these openings in the future, but the day before her 18th birthday, she will at least meet in the Storting to learn more about the institution.

– Here she will be briefed by Storting President Masud Gharahkhani (Labor). In addition, she will meet the first vice president Svein Harberg (H) and the Storting’s youngest representative, Maren Grøthe (Sp), the Storting states.

The princess will also pay a visit to the Supreme Court, where she will be briefed by Supreme Court Justice Toril Marie Øie.

This autumn, Princess Ingrid Alexandra visited Rena camp, where she learned more about the Armed Forces.

Defense visit

The day the princess inherits the throne, she also becomes commander-in-chief of the Norwegian defense.

This autumn, she has visited Norwegian soldiers on two occasions, first at Rena camp and later in Bodø, where she was allowed to fly an F-16. It is not yet known whether the princess is planning military service, like her predecessors.

– The princess’s plans and further education after high school have not been laid yet. There are no constitutional guidelines for what education the head of state must have, said assistant communications manager at the Palace, Sven Gj. Gjeruldsen, to NTB this autumn.

The princess loves sports and exercise, according to the Royal Family. Here she and her mother, Crown Princess Mette-Marit, are skiing in connection with the Youth Olympics in Lillehammer in 2016.

Environmental commitment

In connection with the 18th anniversary, the princess has given two interviews with Norwegian media which will be published later this week. Here she may say more about what plans she has for the future.

What we do know about the princess, however, is that she is an active girl who enjoys sports, training and water sports, something the Royal House writes in her official biography.

The princess is in 2nd grade in high school at Elvebakken school in Oslo. She was confirmed in 2019, and in that connection, her commitment to the environment and climate was highlighted.

– You grow up in a time when building a bridge between people – and saving the globe – will be among the most important tasks. I am sure that you and your generation, with their knowledge and wisdom, will be able to find good solutions, the king said in his speech to the confirmant.

Even though the princess is now 18 years old, she will probably have a somewhat withdrawn role in the next few years as well.

– As the princess gets older, she will get more official assignments, but in the next few years her most important task will be to concentrate on education, it says in the Castle’s biography.


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