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Nils Arne Eggen’s best quotes: – It should be damn, Real Madrid, damn tried!

Nils Arne Eggen was not only the best coach in Norwegian history. He was also an entertainer of rank – and a man with many wise thoughts. Here are some of Trøndelag’s gold nuggets.

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«It’s hope in a hanging snore. Fishing-snore!»

Nils Arne Eggen translates “hope in a hanging string” to astonished Scottish journalists before a match against Celtic in 2001.

«We play with two stoppers and three spisses»

Eggen excels with his Norwegian-English again at a press conference in the Champions League.

«Ronaldo? Come on? He does not even have a photo that he can walk on »

Inter with star striker Ronaldo is an opponent for Rosenborg in 2002. Eggen cares little about that.

“Today I have to be home before five o’clock. I will neuter a cat »

An open and honest Eggen at the press conference before RBK’s meeting with Real Madrid.

“I have a lumbago!”

The egg hurt his back during the press conference before the meeting with Bayern Munich in 2000.

“Æ e’ træner’n, men I don’t speak German.”

When a Swiss journalist asked questions to RBK’s spokesman Dag Svinsaas (who he thought was the coach) – in German. 1997.

“Now we have to speak Norwegian. We then became our own state in 1814! »

At the press conference before the Champions League meeting with Blackburn in Trondheim.

“I think most armies know how to do it.”

Interrupted the presentation at the press conference after the 1-4 loss against Spartak in the Champions League.

«Juventus is the worlds best team – in the world!»

Another crazy press conference. This time before the quarter-final against Juventus in the Champions League.

“” Little Plato “gets to call ‘hem te’ mora si and report from kor hainn e ‘hen, so ho itj’ gets scared of’n.”

To VG’s commentator Truls Dæhli, who gave Eggen a hard time in connection with a 1-5 loss against Dynamo Moscow in the E-cup in 1992.

“Yes, that seems like a brilliant question, you.”

When a journalist asked if he was terribly disappointed after the 1-4 loss to Milan in the 1996 Champions League.

“It is not wise to go out defensively against us at Lerkendal, you know. It’s like sending Salman Rushdie on a bike ride in Tehran. You just do not do that »

Author Rushdie received many death threats from Muslims around the world after the publication of the book Satanic Verses. Eggen referred to the author before the cup match against Kvik in 2012.

“Shut up, Mini! I’ve been here since 1960! ”

Jahn Ivar “Mini” Jacobsen wanted to end the training and complained that he had been there since kl. 12. It did not buy Eggen.

“Damn it, Real Madrid, damn it!”

Real Madrid was beaten by Rosenborg. A great occasion for a grain of gold.

«Sorry, it’s only me.»

When he spilled water on the thigh of a female interpreter at the press conference for Boavista-Rosenborg in 1999.

“Guys, we won the cup, the series and the group. But promise me that you take Feyenoord seriously »

A quote that tells something about Rosenborg’s achievements in Europe under Eggen.

“I must quote Ibsen. “Not beer at such a moment, rather hand me the cream.” But in such a moment we replace the whistle. Hand me Løiten! »

Eggen, who is a trained teacher, paraphrases Norway’s great author, Henrik Ibsen after the victory over IFK Gothenburg in the Champions League.

«My grammar is bad, but my meaning is good»

Eggen was a wise man, but with a fairly relaxed attitude to his own English.

«You have to come in joggedress!»

To Rosenborg’s Robert Boateng. This one misunderstands Eggen – and came jogging in a suit.

LEGEND: Nils Arne Eggen is, in the opinion of many, the greatest Norwegian football coach of all time.

“I have never said that I have stopped smoking. I should be smoking it right now. “

When asked directly at a press conference whether he had managed to quit cigarettes – which he certainly should have tried.

“Æ si ‘and claims – and is of course completely right …”

At a coaching seminar during a football professional discussion with coaching colleagues.

«Oh! You’re not driving yourself? Good brain!»

To Robert Boateng, who sat on the passenger side when Eggen thought he was going to drive with summer tires on winter roads.

«The egg !!! Are you from Sweden or are you from Portugal ??? !!! »

To the lady at the check-in desk at Landvetter Airport outside Gothenburg in 1996. She had allowed herself to ask how Mr. Eggen spelled his name …

“Now we have to get our finger out. Aill ‘who needs fresh air, goes out and mows the course. NOW!”

Before the Champions League match against FC Porto in 1997, and Eggen was first on the field with the seagull.

“Dock must then understand that the snow must be shoveled that way, and itj that way!”

To the track crew that was already underway.

“The weather will be very good, that. The match will be played between two low pressures! »

To the press, who wondered if the weather could ruin.

“Congratulations’, ass-football!”

To Molde coach Åge Hareide after the semifinal loss at Lerkendal. The next day he apologized.

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