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France’s elected officials give the green light to controversial vaccine passports

DEMONSTRATED OUTSIDE: Opposition to vaccine passports has been loud in France. Here they are in front of the National Assembly Palais Bourbon. r

The French National Assembly on Sunday gave the final approval to introduce vaccine passports in the country.

The vaccine pass will be necessary for French residents to travel by intercity train, attend cultural events or eat at a restaurant.

A negative coronate test or evidence of recent coronary heart disease will no longer be enough, as the system has worked so far.

In June 2021, France passed a new health law that made corona passes compulsory for going to a bar, restaurant or café. This law is now being changed and tightened.

The French National Assembly on Sunday gave the final approval to introduce vaccine passports in the country.

In the National Assembly, 215 representatives voted in favor, while 58 voted against and seven abstained.

The tightening for those who have not yet been vaccinated against the coronavirus has been the subject of much debate in the country, and several thousand have demonstrated against the vaccine passport.

Large demonstrations

There were large demonstrations in France against the health law that was introduced in June last year. More than 160,000 took to the streets in spontaneous protest against the law.

VG wrote in early January about even stronger opposition to the new austerity measures. According to Reuters, more than 50 politicians have received threats as a result of the vaccine passport, and the police had to strengthen the protection of more politicians.

The vocabulary has been harsh from those who defend the vaccine passport as well. Minister of Health Olivier Véran called those who oppose vaccinations “egoists”.

President Emmanuel Macon told the newspaper Le Parisien that he wants to curse the unvaccinated by making their lives so complicated that they will eventually choose to get vaccinated, writes France24.

It is still unclear when the use of the vaccine passport will take effect.

VG wrote last week that the Norwegian Directorate of Health opened up for a “German solution” to the coronapass problem.

The type of corona passport FHI and the Norwegian Directorate of Health believe may be relevant is what gives access to people who have had corona and who can document recent negative tests – in addition to the vaccinated. Fully vaccinated must from January 15 have a negative test to enter restaurants, while people who have a booster dose do not have to test. This type is practiced in the city of Berlin, among other places.

On 13 January, the Støre government commissioned the Norwegian Directorate of Health and NIPH to assess specific proposals for regulations on how corona certificates can be used at events and restaurants.

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