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The family: Alleged Australian authorities arrest Djokovic

LEAVING THE HOTEL: The person in the back seat wearing a face mask must be Novak Djokovic leaving the quarantine hotel.

World senator Novak Djokovic (34) was successful in his appeal to stay in Australia, but now, shortly after, he can, according to the family, be arrested.


Both the 34-year-old’s brother and father, Djordje and Srjdan, claim according to several media, including The Telegraph, that Australian authorities will arrest the tennis star after he was acquitted in court on Monday morning.

Djokovic won Norwegian time on Monday morning in court with his appeal after he was denied entry to Australia. Djokovic did not meet the entry requirements when he arrived in Melbourne to take part in the Grand Slam tournament Australian Open, and spent four nights in quarantine hotels pending a court hearing.

He was successful and thus looked set to stay in Australia, and thus it seemed that he could start focusing on the upcoming Australian Open tournament which starts on 17 January.

However, State Attorney Chris Tran announced after the ruling that Immigration Minister Alex Hawke would consider using his personal authority to cancel Djokovic’s visa. If he chooses to do so, Djokovic risks being banned from Australia for three years. Those reports came around 8 a.m. Monday morning, and thus Hawke must use it by noon.

Djordje Djokovic, Novak’s brother, now says, in the wake of the reports of a possible arrest, that the tennis court is with its lawyers and is looking at possible solutions.

– They want to catch and lock him Novak inside again, he says according to the Serbian journalist Sasa Ozmo.

Djokovic is the reigning champion of the Australian Open, a Grand Slam tournament he has won nine times. His first Australian Open title came in 2008.

Djokovic has not been vaccinated, but was infected with the coronavirus in December. He had previously been exempted from being vaccinated to participate in the tournament. His lawyers presented evidence of the infection and the medical exemption during the hearing.

The judge in the case began the trial by asking what more the Serb could have done before he arrived in Australia. Djokovic’s lawyers argue immediately, and the court ruled that the cancellation of Djokovic’s visa was “unreasonable”. Australian authorities were given 30 minutes, after the ruling became clear, to let Djokovic leave the quarantine hotel he has been to. It was also ordered that Djokovic should get back his personal belongings and passport.

Several Djokovic supporters showed up outside the hearing to show their support for the Serb. When the verdict was ready, cheers erupted among his followers:

There have been several rallies for Djokovic outside the hotel that he has stayed in. There have been demonstrations against Djokovic’s deprivation of liberty, which the Serbian president has also called “harassing”.

At home in Belgrade, there are also loud protests against the treatment of the Serb.

“Thank you for the support of all of you around the world for your support. I can feel it and I really appreciate it “, the world number one wrote on Instagram.

The riots surrounding the tennis session have also engaged his teammates.

Nick Kyrgios, who is among the biggest active tennis profiles on the men’s side, is among those who have reacted to how the Djokovic case has been handled.

– I definitely believe in taking action. I was vaccinated because of others and my mother’s health, but how we handle Novak’s situation is bad – very bad, writes Kyrgios, and refers to headlines and “memes” about the situation.

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