Wednesday, January 19

So many saw Maren become “Name of the Year”

NAME OF THE YEAR: Maren Lundby was named “Name of the Year” on Saturday. A total of 749,000 people watched the entire broadcast from Oslo Spektrum on Saturday.

749,000 attended the “Sports Gala” on Saturday, while 331,000 watched “Every time we meet” live. But it was “The Master of the Masters” which is the weekend’s most watched TV program. With 957,000 viewers on Friday and with a total of 1,357,000 viewers during the weekend.


The total viewership figures, including recordings, reruns and NRK TV are 776,000 viewers. Last year, the corresponding number of viewers was 782,000, while in 2020 the Sports Gala had as many as 995,000 viewers after the first weekend.

So far, 622,000 viewers have watched the second episode of “Every Time We Meet”.

It was the ski jumper Maren Lundby who was honored with “Name of the Year” at the Sports Gala – and she promised that there will be motivation to get back on the ski jump. While Karsten Warholm was named male athlete of the year at the Sports Gala.

In the season’s second round of “Every time we meet”, it was Maj Britt Andersen (65) who took the place of honor. VGs reviews the wheel as a regular roll of the dice along the way.

On New Year’s Day, 943,000 chose “Master of the Masters” while 391,000 chose TV 2 and “Every time we meet” the same night. But viewership figures show that over the weekend had a total of 1,284. 000 sets «Master of the Masters». This weekend, both of these ratings were topped. 957,000 watched the program on Friday, but so far as many as 1,357,000 have seen the second episode of “The Master of Masters”.

Corresponding viewership figures from TV 2 showed that the premiere of “Every time we meet” was watched 667,000 viewers last weekend. This week, the corresponding figure is somewhat lower, 622,000.

“Masters of the Masters” and Aksel Lund Svindal were shown on Friday this weekend – and so it will be for the rest of this season. This time, too, no one had to leave the program. But the viewers got a strong display of another world when the rower Nils Jakob Hoff set a new record in Iron Grip

584,000 viewers have so far seen the premiere of “The Voice” which was broadcast on TV 2 on Friday.

As is well known, NRK has already decided that there will be a new season with “Masters of the Masters” – and Aksel Lund Svindal has been offered to continue as host.

– And he has said that he wants to, said project editor Pia Basberg in NRK to VG.

– This has given me more taste and I have received signals that there will be more “Champions of the Masters” on me. Once is too little. I’m happy about that, by the way, said Aksel Lund Svindal in an interview with VG on New Year’s Day.

There is still no agreement in the conflict between TV 2 and Telenor. Thus, all the 550,000 customers of Telenor’s TV service, T-We, are still without access to all TV 2 channels.

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