Wednesday, January 19

She is the reason why the swimmer from Bergen is on his way up again

When the pandemic closed the borders between Norway and Sweden, Markus Lie (26) had a completely different everyday life at home. It has meant a lot.

Markus Lie thrives extra well both at home and in the pool. There is a reason for that.

Almost two years ago, Norway was closed to the corona, and the swimmers were among those who had to look around for alternative forms of exercise. Only after three months on land were they allowed to dive into the pool again.

The road back to top form was demanding for many, also for the Bergen swimmer Markus Lie (26). When the European Championships in long distance was held in May last year, he had the opportunity to qualify for the Olympics. But with limited pool training the year before, and several months without competitions or training camps, the requirement was just a little too tough for the 26-year-old from Bergen.

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