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Red level in school was meaningless. That should have changed a long time ago.

  • Maria Nylænder (18)

    Graduation student

Placing teachers and young people at home in front of the PC screen consumes more aspects than infection numbers, writes Maria Nylænder (18).

To the government: We are tired now.

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Since Christmas, upper secondary schools in Norway have been at the “red level” after the traffic light model. At this level, there is partial digital teaching, smaller classes and a strong focus on distance. On Monday, the government said it would soon change to the “yellow level”.

Finally – but they should have done much, much sooner.

We are tired now

The alternation between physical and digital teaching makes it more difficult to learn. Following the lessons from home requires much more from the students than teaching in the classroom. This is reflected in the fact that more people drop out.

The level reinforces the unpredictability and makes everyday life even more confusing for us. What day are we going to school? We can wait until 11 pm to be notified of what will happen next. Day after day we receive submissions with a deadline of midnight.

Maria Nylænder (18) is a graduate student.

The days are mixed together into a porridge. It does not have the same structure as when you go to school, switch rooms and sit in the canteen with your friends. There will be no space, and we are tired.

You get no physical contact with friends. Teachers stick to their presentation throughout the session, and they can not show you what you do not understand.

All this helps to lower motivation. It will not increase again the one day we come to school.

Illogical infection regime

When we arrive at the school, we will take a self-test that the teacher hands out, and then wait for 15 minutes for the result.

If the test is positive, you must of course go home. But then you have already been to school and in the classroom for probably almost 30 minutes. Will not then the risk have already been unleashed?

Sending students home after a positive test is like placing a small patch over a severed arm.

What is the point if we are almost more likely to be infected at school? A little more logical thinking is important to lower the infection rates, not make them increase.

Unpredictability is not good

Many of us graduate students are worried.

We fear that once again there will be no exams. We are also concerned about the Russian era and other departure plans. Everything we can lose during a press conference.

The connection between unpredictability and education is not positive. Nevertheless, the 18-year-olds have experienced it since VG1 in 2020. Back and forth, at the same time as the academic pressure increases and the point limit affects mental health.

To the Government: What you do has a greater impact. Placing vaccinated teachers and young people at home with a PC screen consumes more aspects than infection rates.

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