Monday, January 17

Interpreters will push for a clarification on family members in Afghanistan

Four months after the Taliban took power, the government can still not answer whether more Afghan civilians who worked for Norwegian forces can come to Norway.

70–75 local interpreters who worked for Norway in Afghanistan have come to Norway. But family members remained in their home country. Now the interpreters are fighting a battle to get them to Norway as well. Here is a typical situation with an Afghan interpreter from 2010, where Norwegian officers meet a commander at a local police station in northern Afghanistan.

It is over four months since the Taliban took power throughout Afghanistan. Four months ago, Kabul International Airport was the scene of desperate attempts to get out of the country.

Among those who wanted out were several members of the anti-terror group CRU, which the Armed Forces has trained and fought with, in Kabul, and interpreters who have worked for Norwegian forces in Afghanistan. And, their families.

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