Sunday, January 16

Warns of heavy snowfall in the south

A LOT OF SNOW: This radar image shows where most snow will fall in the next few hours.

There will be large amounts of snow over Aust-Agder on Sunday and night until Monday. The meteorologists ask you to consider leaving the car.


In a Twitter message, the meteorologists go out and warn that from Sunday morning until Monday morning a lot of snow is expected.

The precipitation mainly comes in a belt slightly within the coast in Aust-Agder. Locally there is 30 to 40 cm of snow in 24 hours.

The meteorologists categorizes this as orange danger level (great danger) and advises people to consider whether the journey is necessary, and to calculate a lot of extra time for transport and driving.

They also write that vulnerable infrastructure can be affected as a result of the heavy snow. Among other things, the power supply can be affected. There is a snowdrift in the mountains which reduces visibility and allows for column driving and / or closed roads.

Do you have photos or video of the amount of snow? Send us at [email protected], or as MMS at 2200.

On Thursday, the low pressure has entered the Barents Sea. The colors on the map show the precipitation from Wednesday morning to Thursday morning.

When VG talks to Beate Tveita, meteorologist on duty at StormGeo at 5 pm, it snows all over Agder, but mostly a little within the coast of Aust-Agder.

– The worst seems to be over, but there may be 10-20 cm of snow by tomorrow morning.

8–10 grader

Tveita says this is due to a heavy rainfall area that came in from the west yesterday. It will remain over Agder, but will gradually subside over the course of tomorrow.

But night to Tuesday, a new system will come in over Western Norway that comes in with increasing southerly winds with rain throughout southern Norway.

– It will come as rain in the outer regions but with snow in higher regions. It will gradually become milder in general throughout southern Norway until and including Thursday, she says.

On Wednesday and Thursday, there may be large amounts of precipitation, especially in Western Norway, up to 100-120 mm. It will also rain in the mountains. In addition, the days Tuesday-Thursday will offer significantly milder air from the southwest with gale and wind up in the storm, Wednesday-Thursday

Temperatures will be around 0 and rise 8-10 degrees on Wednesday and Thursday in large parts of southern Norway.

Colder again next weekend

But from Friday and into the weekend, it will again be colder with minus degrees in southern Norway.

There is the same trend in the north. It will be mild weather until the weekend, but here the temperatures are not as high as in the south and the precipitation will fall as sleet and snow.

– What happens after next weekend?

– After next weekend it is uncertain, but it seems to come in some low pressure systems over Scandinavia, or that will pass north of us. If they come in over the country, there may be a mild period of mild weather, Tveita says.

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