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Warholm before the new season: – Looking for my scalp

Karsten Warholm is prepared for tough attacks in the coming year. Warholm does not think as much about the world record as before the Olympic season. But want to fight for three new golds. Warholm is toying with the idea of ​​running 400 meters flat during the European Championships in Munich.

ON THE MOVE: Karsten Warholm juggled the red carpet on his way to the Sports Gala on Saturday.

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– It is both the World Cup and the European Championships. We have a title to defend in both championships. We can certainly not be lazy to do that. I know that my competitors – especially in the World Cup – are fine looking for my scalp. Most people want our position, Warholm tells VG after being named male athlete of the year at the Sports Gala on Saturday night.

Rai Benjamin ran 53 hundredths below the current world record when he took Olympic silver in Tokyo. In July, the American will have revenge at home during the World Cup in Eugene. Warholm’s historic 45.94 gave Olympic gold in Tokyo.

– Time is almost a little intimidating. You know you will always be measured against it. It does not come to order, he states. Before Christmas, the 25-year-old was named Male Athlete of the Year in the world. He has not lost a race in the 400 meter hurdles since 2018 and has in a row won the Olympics, the European Championships and two World Cups.

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Karsten Warholm’s prize sprinkle: – More than just a winter nation

Kevin Young’s world record from the Olympics in Barcelona had stood for almost 29 years when Warholm lowered it to 46.70 at Bislett on 1 July last year.

– It was a race for the world record. I’m very relieved that I got it first. It was crap to experience it at Bislett. But this year I am a little more on stabilizing at better times than I have been stable on before. Of course I hope for new top performances, but I will not chase it so badly, says Warholm.

He describes the desire for the world record as “46.78 was almost tattooed on my forehead”.

– Is the goal to be able to stabilize at times below the old world record of Kevin Young?

– Yes, that’s where the focus is. I would also like to break an ancient personal record of 400 meters without hurdles of 44.87. That would have been fun.

He made an attempt in his first race after the Olympic gold. It was not deleted. Warholm was looking for the European record of 400 meters flat, but almost ended up in the time he spent 400 meters with 10 hurdles in the Olympics.

– We can safely say that did not go as planned, he says.

He may run 400 meters flat during the European Championships in Munich in August. But the program is close in the championship that lasts only seven days. The World Cup in Eugene was for comparison for 10 days.

– It offers a bit of a challenge with a lot of acid, Warholm says.

– I have tried in the European Championships before and I have an idea that I can try again. But I have not decided. But I am the desire for revenge after what happened last.

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Maren Lundby was named “Name of the Year” – using the award as a comeback motivation

He ended the golden season in September. But started very quickly on the preparations for 2022.

– We have probably never really stopped. We’re at work again. To be completely honest, it is always a goal to improve. We strongly believe in continuity and believe we can move the level by always making an effort and not always having to take a break. That’s when you get worse, Warholm believes.

Recently he posted one Instagram-video where he and Amalie Iuel and Elisabeth Slettum run in snowy weather at Bislett. Warholm leads in bare upper body in the snowy weather.

– But we will not do too much snow running. It was a little too much fun. Leif (Olav Alnes, coach) did the same with Geir Moen’s time. But then they shoveled the track first. That is an important point, Karsten Warholm smiles after the winter sprint in shorts and studded shoes.

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