Sunday, January 16

Therefore, Myra did not interpret the guest of honor

The program “Every time we meet” has become a well-established concept after a full 12 seasons on the TV screen. But this year, a number of changes have been made that have attracted attention.

The recording has been moved to Kjerringøy in Nordland, and one of the participants, Stig Brenner, will only be with us for half of the season.

The heart of the concept is that the artists interpret each other’s songs, but on Saturday many were perhaps surprised when participant Myra had not interpreted a Maj Britt Andersen song.

Instead, it was the guest of honor’s daughter, Daniela Reyes (23), who took the place.

Daniela surprised mother Maj Britt in Every time we meet: – Her song means a lot to me

Press manager at TV 2, Jan-Petter Dahl, justifies the decision as follows:

– There are small and large changes from season to season. This week we had a surprise guest. Therefore, there will be different artists who do not sing in some programs.

According to Dahl, this was agreed well before the recording started.

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