Wednesday, January 19

The police end the search in Finnmark – father and son presumed dead

On Sunday, a shark crashed in Gamvik in Finnmark. One person was found dead, while another was presumed dead.


The two involved are father and son, and were going out on crab fishing, says operations manager in Finnmark police district Robin Fure to VG.

The operations manager tells VG that they end the search for the evening due to difficult search conditions.

– We start tomorrow when we can use the daylight and fresh crews.

– Are you starting to form a picture of what has happened?

From what we have understood, father and son have started from Honningsvåg and had an intention to go to East Finnmark and fish for crab there. As I understand it, they were going down the Tanafjord.

In addition to the fact that there has been a lot of weather – it is also a whimsical area to travel in by boat, the operations manager states.

– There are many islets you can crash into, he says.

Ended as a rescue operation

At approximately 09.30 on Sunday morning, the Main Rescue Center in Northern Norway received a report of concern:

A shark lay still about 2.7 kilometers north of Gamvik on the Nordkyn peninsula in Finnmark. At about 11.20, the schooner was found on land.

At 14.40, HRS reported that one person had been found dead.

The relatives have been notified.

The other person on board is still missing.

The search for the last missing person after the accident north of Gamvik has now ended as a rescue operation, HRS writes in a press release at 17.00.

The overall picture means that the Main Rescue Center in Northern Norway no longer considers it possible to find the last missing person alive.

The weather conditions have made the search very difficult. In addition to the boat and one of the dead, an unopened naval box and two survival suits have been found.

Found the schooner on land

The boat is based in Hasvik municipality. It was on its way to crab fishing in the Skjånes area in the Tanafjord.

– The municipality’s psychosocial team is in place to assist family and loved ones. This is a tragedy that has hit us, says Eva D. Husby, mayor of Hasvik municipality to VG.

APPLICANT: There are difficult weather conditions at Gamvik in Finnmark now.

The boat is said to have been stationary outside Gamvik since about four o’clock on Sunday night.

When the coastal radio did not make contact with the schooner, a lifeboat was sent out from Mehamn to check. In addition, a bulldozer was sent to the area by Slettnes lighthouse to look for the schooner from there.

But it was a Sea King helicopter that eventually found the schooner, lying wrecked on land.

It is dark, a lot of snow and difficult weather conditions in the area now.

The search takes place from the sea with a lifeboat, from the air with Sea King and along the ground with volunteer crews, fire brigade and police.

The Rescue Company also reports demanding conditions to apply for.

– The lifeboat “Peter Henry von Koss” reports challenging search conditions. Two to three meters of waves with a lot of snow and wind, they write Twitter.

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