Sunday, January 16

The murder case in Lier: The police ask for two weeks custody in isolation for the accused

Police will request two weeks of custody in full isolation for the man who is charged with the murder in Lier on Saturday night.

A woman in her 60s was found dead at a private address in Lier on Saturday night.

The man wants to consent to imprisonment and cooperates with the police, writes Dagbladet.

The man testified Saturday night. On Sunday, the man was in new interrogations, where he explained his movements on Saturday afternoon and evening, prior to the incident, police inspector Odd Skei Kostveit in the Southeast police district informs NTB.

New interrogations

– He has explained himself in detail. The explanation will now be checked against other objective findings, including the results of the forensic investigations, says Skei Kostveit.

The police inspector will not yet comment on the police’s theories about motive or cause of death, or whether there have been weapons involved.

– The man has explained how it happened. There is nothing obvious at the scene that indicates that what he says is wrong, but we do not conclude yet. It is a more complex picture, says the police inspector on Sunday afternoon.

It was Saturday night that a woman in her 60s was found dead at a private address in Lier. A man in his 40s is charged with murder. It was the man himself who notified the police of the death

– Not by chance

The police have stated that the accused is said to have said something about a relationship with the deceased, according to Drammens Tidende. They did not want to say anything more about what the information is about, but confirm that it is not a case of a random murder.

As the man agrees to imprisonment, the process will go as a so-called office business. This means that no court hearing will be held when the request for imprisonment is to be processed. It will happen during Monday, Kostveit informs NTB.

The police will request isolation, letter and visitation control and a media ban during the imprisonment period.

– We must have control over who he has contact with, and we must have control over what kind of info he gets from the case. Then he can not read this in the media, says Kostveit to DT.

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