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Taste test: Is the more expensive chicken fillet worth the money?

Several chicken producers market that their chickens get better feed, better space, are of a better breed and grow up in beautiful surroundings. This should affect the taste of the chicken, and may justify a higher price on the market. TV 2 helps you has selected some manufacturers who on various grounds claim that their product tastes better.

Watch the entire taste test on TV 2 play her.

The taste test’s selected producers are Ytterøykylling, Stange, Lerstang and Coop’s organic Änglamark chicken. In the test, we also have the chicken that most people may know best, namely the chicken fillet from Prior. Does the panel taste the difference between the standard chicken fillet from Prior and those who promise the little extra?

Foto: Cornelius Poppe / NTB

Chef Eirik Lillebø prepares all the chicken fillets in the test. In the video at the top of the case, you get his best cooking tips for a perfect chicken fillet.

The producers use various arguments that their chicken is of better quality:

  1. Ytterøy: «On Ytterøy, the chickens live a safe and good life in nice and lush surroundings. This makes them extra juicy and good in taste. “
  2. pole: «Special food – it is not just the breed and the place that is important to get a good product. One of the secrets of good taste also lies in the lining. “
  3. Lerstang: “Clay rod chickens are of a breed that is defined as slow-growing chicken, and it provides a completely unique taste experience.”
  4. Coop Änglamark: “The birds move fast and are happy to come out to pasture. The meat of these birds has taste, color and consistency of the best quality! »

Difficult to influence the taste of chicken

TV 2 helps you has taken the trip to Fjørforsk at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU), where research on broilers takes place. Researcher and professor Birger Svihus claims that it is difficult to influence the taste of the chicken.

– Chicken is a very lean product, very healthy, but it also means that the flavor from spices or the kind you add to the feed, is not so easy to transfer to the product we eat, because it is often the fat that brings these flavors into the product , says Svihus.

Better space can to a greater extent affect the taste, he believes.

– It is not impossible to imagine that the environment can affect the taste of the product if the chickens are allowed to move more. It can lead to more structure in the muscle fibers. Significant changes in the environment are probably necessary for this to happen.

Big taste difference

We want to find out if the taste is different on the special chickens, and have invited three well-qualified judges to a blind test. The judges consist of chefs Jonathan Romano and Kjell Arne Johnsæter, and food influences Emilie Nereng.

The panel will first be served chicken from Lerstang, followed by Stange. Both fell in love with the judges, and there is little difference in taste between the test’s first two candidates. The third chicken fillet out is Ytterøykylling, and here the judges react to the taste and appearance of the fillet.

– The meat structure looks completely different and there is a liver taste that is left in the mouth, comments chef Kjell Arne Johnsæter.

Co-judges Nereng and Romano agree, and Nereng states that she had chosen something else. This chicken ends up at the bottom of the list.

The joker from Prior everyone agrees is a good chicken fillet. The judges think Prior was similar to Ytterøykyllen in consistency, but with a different taste.

– It is very clean and delicate in taste. You feel like you are eating meat, I liked this one, says Jonathan Romano.

BLIND TEST: Emilie Nereng and Kjell Arne Johnsæter agree on which chicken was the best and worst in the blind test of five products.  Photo: Sven-Erling Brusletto

BLIND TEST: Emilie Nereng and Kjell Arne Johnsæter agree on which chicken was the best and worst in the blind test of five products. Photo: Sven-Erling Brusletto

Sunny wins

The only organic chicken, from Änglamark, turns out to be a clear winner among the test’s selected products. The winner is also the test’s most expensive product, and has a kilo price of 399 kroner. In comparison, Prior has a kilo price of 174.75 at Bunnpris. The winner of the test is thus twice as expensive.

– The first impression is that this is quality, says Jonathan Romano about the chicken from Änglamark.

The co-judges agree. The chicken looks good and stands out in taste.

Further criticism for Ytterøykylling

In the episode «A premium chicken life » it hails with criticism of Ytterøykylling on several points regardless of the result from the blind test where they also come out worst.

The chicken producer was banned from slaughtering chickens

– It is of course disappointing to get bad feedback on our products. Feedback we receive from other customers shows that many others think that our products taste good, Ytterøykylling answers the result in the taste test.

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