Sunday, January 16

Stay on the podium in Oberhof – French victory at the start of the hunt

ON THE PALLET: Tarjei Bø on the stand during the start of the hunt.

Tarjei Bø (33) sprinted Sturla Holm Lægreid (24) in the battle for 3rd place. Quentin Fillon Maillet won the hunt start in Oberhof.

Sturla Holm Lægreid (24) had the best starting point of the Norwegians before the start of the hunt in Oberhof. He finished third, 15 seconds behind Alexandr Loginov.

The Russian went hard from the start and increased vis à vis competitors in the track. Loginov also showed calm and strength on the stand, and seemed impossible to keep up with.

Behind the Russian, Holm Lægreid was joined by Tarjei Bø. The Norwegian duo came together for the second shooting, but both ended up in penalty rounds.

The snow fell heavily in Oberhof, where Norwegians, Swedes, French and Germans fought for the podium behind Loginov. On the third shot, both Bø and Lægreid missed twice each and the hope of a place on the podium seemed heavy.

– This is far too bad under such conditions. It is a weak Norwegian effort, was the verdict from NRK’s ​​Ola Lunde.

It went even worse for the seemingly unstoppable Loginov, who missed the last three shots on the last shot. French Quentin Fillon Maillet seized the opportunity and kept away from Swedish Sebastian Samuelsson in the last round.

Loginov’s boom party also opened the door for Bø and Lægreid. They ended up in a sprint duel for 3rd place, where the former proved to be the strongest. Filip Fjeld Andersen, Johannes Thingnes Bø and Sivert Bakken all finished outside the top ten.

With the victory, Fillon Maillet also took over the lead in the World Cup overall.

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