Monday, January 17

Sources for TV 2: Rosenborg’s shooting star is approaching Serie A

According to TV 2’s information, negotiations are currently underway between Rosenborg and the Italian Serie A club Sassuolo. There is reason to believe that the parties will reach an agreement.

The offer from Sassuolo will involve a loan with an option to buy.

As TV 2 understands it, Konradsen Ceïde will be interested in continuing his career in the boot country. He is now waiting for the club’s ready signal to travel south.

TV 2 has previously mentioned that Turkish Galatasaray submitted a bid for the great talent.

The offer from Sassuolo should be the player’s clearly preferred, among other things due to clear signals that he should be bet on immediately.

Emil Konradsen Ceïde got his real breakthrough in the season that was. The 20-year-old signed as late as last summer under a contract with Rosenborg that lasts until the 2024 season. Thus, the people of Trøndelag have good negotiation cards on hand.

The player’s agent Bjørn Tore Kvarme has not responded to TV 2’s inquiry.

Nor does sports manager Mikael Dorsin in Rosenborg.

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