Friday, January 28

Sjark found in Finnmark – searching for two survivors

A schooner with two people on board was reported missing on Sunday morning at Nordkyn in Finnmark. It was later found, but the two people have not been accounted for.


It was at 09.30 on Sunday morning that the Main Rescue Center Northern Norway received a message of concern:

A shark lay still about 2.7 kilometers north of Gamvik on the North Kyn Peninsula in Finnmark.

Here it had according to one HRS press release lay still since around 4 o’clock Sunday night. They further wrote that this was an unnatural area to lie in.

When the coastal radio did not make contact with the schooner, a lifeboat was sent out from Mehamn to check on the schooner. In addition, a bulldozer was sent to the area by Slettnes lighthouse to look for the schooner from there.

But it was a Sea King helicopter that eventually found the schooner, lying on land.

In an update at 2 pm, HRS writes that the search for the two people now mainly goes to a beach search in the area where the shark and wreckage have been found.

The reason why the search changes focus is the weather in the area.

– The weather conditions in the search area are difficult. It is dark and down to 50 meters visibility in the snow showers, writes HRS and adds:

– This means that it is not possible to search effectively at sea.

In the near future, the search will take place from the sea with a lifeboat, from the air with Sea King and along the ground with volunteer crews and police.

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